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Coping with mom guilt (musings from a type A planner when nothing goes “right”)

I should have been learning this whole time that nothing goes as planned. Sex to create a child - nope. IUI to create a child - nope.  Several rounds of IVF to create a child(children), yes.  Trying to reflect on that journey is still a bit too close to be able to effectively parse through.… Continue reading Coping with mom guilt (musings from a type A planner when nothing goes “right”)

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32 Weeks & First NST

Had another appointment yesterday (will take place every Wednesday now, except for one random week in February) where I had an ultrasound, non-stress test, and doctor's visit. Much to my surprise, the ultrasound didn't include a growth check because those are done once every 2-3 weeks rather than once every week. So, my fears were… Continue reading 32 Weeks & First NST

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Welcome to the last trimester!

After a scare last week that caused some fetal monitoring, I anxiously awaited my ultrasound. The heartrate monitoring told me that the babies had moved which explained the "lack of movement" by baby boy, but the ultrasound would explain much more. The ultrasound showed that - uncommonly - our babies are now transverse again and… Continue reading Welcome to the last trimester!