Navigating through with a waning moon (May 10, I think)

Aching. Constantly. Blinking back tears. Practicing my responses. How are you? I can’t sell I’m great under the judgmental stares, so I decide on fine. I’m fine! Changing the subject to talk about them. People love to talk about themselves and it usually is bearable from there.  How does this get better? Time, I suppose,… Continue reading Navigating through with a waning moon (May 10, I think)

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Anniversaries: the chosen birthdays

I've always had a knack for dates. Whenever I believe something important is happening, I take a mental picture of that moment. That mind photo - more often than not - is time stamped. Anniversaries are very important to me. They commemorate a time when you purposefully chose to do something, to enter a new… Continue reading Anniversaries: the chosen birthdays