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And now they always say it’s constipation! This is too funny (kind of) not to share. If you don't want to read, skip on past. I won't know, so you won't offend me. So, I've heard several people in my life tell me about their children (generally boys) who have to take off all their clothes to go poop. I've known… Continue reading And now they always say it’s constipation!

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Maternity Clothes and their Colors

So much fairly uneventful information to catch you all up on! We had our level 2/anatomy ultrasound last week and everything looked great. ¬†We still have a little boy and a little girl growing along, albeit much more visibly this time. ¬†Weighing in at about 13 oz each at that time (they should each be… Continue reading Maternity Clothes and their Colors