Last Appointment!

Well, I made it to the last scheduled appointment and a final growth scan. Ultrasounds aren’t really super accurate, but Scarlett is measuring around 6lbs and Landon around 6.5 lbs, so we’ll see how everyone ends up. Carter and Isabelle were both measuring around 5.5 lbs at their last appointment and Carter ended up being 4lbs 10 oz at delivery and Isabelle at 5lbs 11 oz, so we’ll see. I’ll be pretty much a week later in my gestational age, assuming I make it until Thursday, so I’m hoping everyone is a bit bigger.

My previa never moved, so they will have plenty of blood on-hand in the event anything scary happens. I am pretty freaked out about the different possibilities, but likely it will be fine. We go in around 9:30 on Thursday for blood testing and to prepare for transfusions, etc. The c-section and tube removal will be starting around noon. Hopefully, we’ll have babies before 12:30 and I’ll be all sewn up before 1:30 or so.

Carter and Isabelle “know” that they will be a big brother and sister on Thursday and mommy and daddy have to bring home Scarlett and Landon from the hospital. They say it back, but have no idea what they are in for. Hopefully the transition goes okay. It’s hard to believe that we are able to make room for just as much love as we already feel for new babies. I can’t wait to meet them.

I’m so happy they’ve cooked for a bit longer this time and I certainly am thankful for each day, however this pregnancy has been much harder overall. Thankfully, no big complications, just a lot more pain. I’ve exceeded the point where I can go in public without people commenting on my size. Most people don’t touch me, but some do. Others just stare. It’s pretty interesting as a study on humans.

36 weeks

Hard to believe in just about 60 hours, we will be a family of 6 with two new little guys on the outside.

In about 72 hours, I’ll be popping my hospital champagne. But, who’s counting.….

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