35 weeks down, 2 to go

It’s hard to believe we’re so close to expanding our little family. Carter and Isabelle know that mommy has a baby brother and sister in her tummy and that they will be a big brother and sister, but I don’t think they have any idea what’s actually coming.

It continued to be physically difficult, but different than last time. I’m finally experiencing some carpal tunnel but it’s very light as compared to the first time. My belly is very sore and hurts to touch. I’m completely numb around my belly button which is apparently common, but very weird. The biggest thing is just the pain that comes with moving around. It’s the weirdest thing. My condition is temporary so I just want these babies to grow, grow, grow!

Babies look good at all appointments, fluid is strong and they continue to move wayyy more than Isabelle and Carter ever did. They are in different positions every Monday which is very odd at this stage in pregnancy. I won’t get another measurement until the Monday before my Thursday csection, so hopefully they’re packing on the pounds. It’s such a different experience this time. Last time, I was laying around the couch on Saturdays, watching movies and occasionally cooking. This time, we’ve got an activity before nap and after nap and it’s go, go, go! Much less relaxing.

Last time I was so certain I was going to make it to 38 (for that pregnancy) weeks. This one, I’m not at all confident I’ll make it to 37 (placenta previa). So, I’m trying the reverse jinx and preparing every day to go have these babies. At worst, I’ll be “ready,” at best, the reverse jinx will work and I’ll carry these two a little longer than the first ones. We talked about the previa protocol some more at the last appointment and I’m just really hoping that it all goes smoothly. That’s all I can do, hope for the best, be aware and prepare for the worst! I’ll be in a place where they have blood for me, so all things should be okay. No home birth. 😜😜

35 weeks

I cannot WAIT for my hospital champagne. 🍾💙

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