Another strike against ticks…!

I don’t like ticks. I don’t mind spiders, snakes, bugs, etc., but I’ve never liked ticks. I find them gross and freaky. Last Tuesday, my sweet baby boy got bit at daycare at water day. They called Justin and me and stated that they couldn’t take it out as it’s considered a medical procedure. So, I went to daycare and removed it. It’s my first tick removal and I thought it went pretty well overall, though it was sad. The bite seemed to be fine until yesterday when it looked awful. After conferring with one of my MILs, I took Carter to be seen. The pediatrician stated that we don’t have Lyme’s in MO, so it is either STARI, ehrlichiosis, or Rocky Mountain spotted fever. She said, almost certainly, it’s STARI, to which there is no treatment and it will all be okay. But, to be certain, she advised us to have bloodwork done. What followed was one of our worst days yet. We had company in town, so it was just me and Carter braving the hospital. They had to bring nicu nurses down (who remembered him!) since they needed more blood than a heel prick would get. They tried starting IVs in both his little hands but neither one would bleed back. I was holding him down as we were both sobbing. Finally, they had to go to his head for the vein! I relinquished at that point and said I couldn’t hold him anymore. It was torture. So I sat in a chair with my head in my shirt, crying until it was over. This, I know, was not too serious and I hope it is all for nothing. I just can’t imagine being a parent of a little one with a more serious illness and I know it happens all the time. Today, Carter isn’t napping well, but I’m happy to spend some less traumatic time snuggling him.

3 thoughts on “Another strike against ticks…!

  1. I am so, so sorry. I cried just reading about your experience. Can’t begin to imagine what you & Carter went through.


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