The Cave

Being in the cave as my dad so fondly refers to caring for my children. It reminds me of the pit from Parks and Rec and more importantly the song that Andy/Mouse Ray performed:

  • The cave’s gotten a lot bigger and a lot brighter as we get used to everything. The babies are both on the normal growth chart at this point! Isabelle still weighs more than her brother by about four ounces, so it’s negligible. In the first four months of their life, the following has occurred:
    • I shut my garage on my car
      I’ve given up on smelling any other way besides slightly of spit up.
      I’ve felt poop to determine if the consistency is harder than play doh.

    We have a pretty good routine going now that we’re both fully back into our “normal” way of life. The babies wake up, we feed them, play with them, then take them to daycare. Sadly, this is really all the time we get with them during the day but that’s life. We learned quickly that trying to keep them up late is a fool’s errand. They go to bed shortly after they get home from daycare, but a well-rested baby is a happier baby! That being said, sleep is still a work in progress. At this point they do this funny thing where they switch off sleeping through the night which means that someone is usually up during the night. We no longer feed in the night, but are working on trying to get them both to sleep allllll night long. They’ve been pretty much constantly congested since daycare so that has been a challenge!

    All in all, we’re so happy for our little family. Isabelle is a firecracker. She’s harder to get to smile but will give you some sweet little smiles if you work really hard. Carter is the sweetest smiler. He loves to be smiled at – so much so that he will smile back at the star on his gym. Isabelle loves looking around and sticking out her tongue.

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