Where did the time go? Also, the longest twelve weeks of my life.

I just can’t believe they will be twelve weeks old on Monday.  Isabelle and Carter are the sweet new loves of our lives. I have been too busy to write, but things are going well. Not without incident, of course, but we are feeling our way through things. We switched Isabelle’s formula to the most hypoallergenic, ready to feed formula. While expensive, it seems to have done wonders for her. She still is a gassy, fairly uncomfortable baby at times, but this has made quite the difference, in our opinion.  Carter is still the easier baby. He sleeps better and generally only cries when something is wrong – he’s wet/dirty (he HATES having dirty diapers), he’s hungry, he’s tired.  Isabelle still expresses herself vocally for no real reason; she’s a spitfire.  Though the more vocal twin, she’s not the more facially expressive. It’s truly a joy to watch Carter’s facial expressions.  He must be the most highly emotive baby there ever was. ;). Kelly & Matt got to visit and that was extremely pleasant, as well.

We take them out as much as we can and have tried to keep them on a schedule for eating. I’ve finally started to figure out an actual “nap” schedule for them rather than letting them sleep whenever they want, thanks to a LOT of help from my parents who have been watching them for three days a week for the past four weeks.  I had NO idea how much I would appreciate this, but it has just been amazing. The babies have also had some visitors while I’ve been back at work in the form of loving aunts. I’m so thankful we’re surrounded by so much love.  I did attempt to go to a concert on Thursday evening and found that it was a bit too long for me, which was interesting. I’m fine with about 3 hours away, for the most part, but I think anything over that – without the babies and without Justin, is a bit much at the moment!

The babies start daycare on 5/13. I’m dreading it, but I’m sure it will be fine.  We still haven’t slept longer than a three hour stint (I suppose a couple of times we’ve gotten four hours!!) since they were born, but are feeling positive that eventually they’ll sleep a bit longer. 🙂 See below for some pictures. IMG_3017IMG_2926D69318BB-6F60-42D7-83DE-B2FAFC6482DB57861260081__3457295F-4734-46E5-8858-3B801ACA2891IMG_2974IMG_2976IMG_2996IMG_3004IMG_3033IMG_3061IMG_3065IMG_8068IMG_2793IMG_2788

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