8 week old babies

Our babies are 8 weeks old this week and are doing well. I have been hesitant to use the word colic, but they sure do cry a lot. I remind myself that it is the way they express themselves and work hard to comfort them. This week I’m back to work part time and my parents are staying with the babes. We are so thankful for this time they have with their grandparents and so happy that they are well loved and out of daycare for a bit longer. There are two grandparents and two grandchildren, so the ratios work out well. They can each hold an expressive child and also get their steps in by rocking and walking and bouncing them around in an attempt to satisfy their demands.

Not only do they watch my kiddos, but they provide a home cooked meal for us when we get home and do the laundry….. it’s the best gift and we are elated. The amount of people in our house is a bit much, but we aren’t noticing it as of now (Day 1). The babies will get a weigh in on Friday, as well as their first shots. I can’t believe that we’ve had twins for 8 weeks. They’re getting little personalities and are growing and becoming more alert each day. I think maybe I’ve caught a few smiles, but not really. I keep reminding myself that they’re 4 weeks from term and that is what the milestones are based on, so I’m waiting patiently for those smiles. Here are some pics:

3 thoughts on “8 week old babies

  1. The one of them crying together 😂😂🤣 I know it’s frustrating when you’re trying to comfort them, but if you take a step back they’re all just moments making precious memories. I cried for 5 hours straight every night the first month of my life, but my mom still likes me and I cry slightly less than that now.


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