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Weight Update!

As we are hanging out on this glorious Saturday, I thought I would send some pictures and share some updates.

Their weights and eating have been a big challenge for us! Isabelle was born at 5lbs 11oz, and discharged from the hospital at 5lbs 4oz.  Carter was born at 4lbs 10oz and discharged right around the same weight. What I didn’t know with his weight is that it was likely “artificially inflated” upon discharge due to the feeding tube and the way he was getting nourishment.  The first three weeks were really hard and most of the time, they were not gaining what they “should” be.  We switched their formula to 22 calorie (as opposed to 20) and then the gains started happening!


Isabelle – 6lbs 5oz

Carter – 5lbs 2oz


Isabelle – 7lbs 2oz

Carter – 5lbs 13oz

So, we are finally getting somewhere! Ha, both Justin and I thought maybe we should take Isabelle off of the higher calorie formula, but then our pediatrician reminded us that she’s just now the size of a newborn at almost a month…so even though she’s a chunk next to her little bro, she’s still a tiny nugget.  On the growth chart for babies born at their gestational age (36 weeks), she is now 44th percentile and Mr. Carter is FINALLY on the chart in the 3-4th percent!!!  They will be one month old on Monday which is also what would have been their 40 week gestational age, so they will be at ‘0’.  They’re starting to be slightly more alert and have some times when they’re awake and not totally pissed off, but it’s few and far between.

I’ve stopped pumping and am nursing just occasionally, but it’s not providing any nutrition, so it’s simply for comfort.  My sleep has improved and my ability to care for them has increased due to my sanity increasing.  Will I try breastfeeding our next children? Absolutely. And I hope I have different luck than I did this time.  But, for now, I’m going to let go of that guilt and shame and move on.  There are so many more important things.

Isabelle joining Mr. Carter in the NICU for their first twin time. IMG_1610

Carter’s return to our room for feedings!IMG_1762

Twin time at home in the first week. IMG_1777

Still both in premie clothes!IMG_1817-1

The first day Isabelle was in newborn clothes (also a picture of an excessive crying fit).57367703916__A42629AF-49E2-4F8C-A125-9F79C9009742.fullsizerender

Twin time on the couch.IMG_1827-1IMG_1817

Three weeks old!7B00B157-B37E-47C2-A7E0-4AB19F06591E04040D2E-9D47-4CD2-933A-FA405C93EFA0

Backstage at the newborn photo shoot…what an experience that was! I don’t think the photographer was prepared for how much Carter poops. Everywhere.IMG_1909IMG_1897

Last night’s twin time.  More alert means more expressing oneself through crying.IMG_1945

Hanging out this morning!IMG_1964

Trying to give Justin a few more minutes of sleep and our first time hanging out in our new carrier!IMG_1954

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