February 11. 36 weeks. Their birthday.

This past weekend went along like any other. I prepared to make a full week of meals in the instant pot, got the taxes done, paid bills, and organized the rest of their room. I didn’t get the hospital bags packed, but that’s okay because we still had two weeks before our scheduled C-section.

On Sunday night, we watched the Grammy’s and had some beef stroganoff. Throughout it all, the babies were crazy. Moving everywhere, you could see everything going on inside, on the outside. We went to bed, happy and ready for the week. At around 11:45 pm, I got up to go pee. After laying back down in the bed, stuff started gushing out of me and wouldn’t stop. I woke up Justin quickly and told him that my water was breaking. He asked if I was sure to which I replied by standing up to show the continued flow. After turning on the light to confirm I wasn’t hemorrhaging, I started pacing around the room like a maniac just repeating that we needed to go to the hospital. I also kept saying “this wasn’t the plan.” Thankfully, Justin made me throw a few things in a bag and we left quickly to go to the hospital. Unfortunately, I didn’t get really much of anything since I was in such a whirlwind of emotions. Thankfully, Justin was very calm and peaceful as I was a bit scattered.

On Wednesday, we’d discussed that if my water broke, they would want to deliver within twoish hours, if possible. So, I got to the hospital, we did our final weigh in and got undressed. I was 80% effaced and almost 2 cm dialated. The babies heart rates were strong so we determined quickly that it could be controlled and nothing had to be super urgent rushed. I don’t think I fully believed it until I said, but today is their birthday? And everyone looked at me and said, of course, you’re going to deliver in an hour.

I’ve taken things so incrementally throughout this entire process to prevent unnecessary disappointment, but also to not get overwhelmed by next steps. That being said, when everything is fast forwarded, things are modified. Delivery. Holy crap. I’m going to deliver these babies and do a C-section. Like now. There was not much anticipation, so much less anxiety than stewing over it for long periods of time. The doctor on call came to talk to me, as well as the anesthesiologist about what was going to occur. We got a quick ultrasound so that the doctor had a view of their positions and got ready. As I was walking to the OR, my water was still coming out so that was special. Alone in the OR, they inserted my spinal tap and I waited until Justin came in shortly behind me. The spinal started to kick in, but I made sure they tested prior to beginning.

The process was quick. I think they started operating around 2:15 and the babies were born at 2:32 and 2:33 AM on Monday, February 11th at 36 weeks gestation. They both cried coming out and it was the sweetest thing in the whole world. Isabelle was 19 inches and 5lbs 11oz and Carter was 18 inches and 4lbs 10oz. They held hands in the beginning (unstaged).

5 thoughts on “February 11. 36 weeks. Their birthday.

  1. Holy sh*t!!!!!!! Yayyyyyy happy bday babies!! You did an amazing job, welcome to the MoM club! If you feel like a zombie the next few weeks, you’re doing it right.


  2. This is just the best ending to such a long story, and so much trying… but really more of a beginning thank anything. I can’t wait to meet them and I love them already.


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