35+2 and FINALLY, a growth scan

After forever of waiting, I finally got measurements of our babes again.  It will be the last measurement scan and the last indicator of how big our little guys will be when they’re born.  They are each around 5.5 lbs currently; the boy a bit smaller than the girl. So, they’re small, but mighty.  Both around the 22nd percentile, as long as they’re over the 10th percentile, everything is okay.  So, I believe I will go until 2/26 – our scheduled c-section date. There is almost no chance of the positions moving, so I’ve come to terms with the C-Section and we spoke a lot about it in today’s appointment.

My blood pressure was back down from last week so that is great news and I was up yet another pound. Blah.  So, the symptoms: I have more swelling in my feet so shoes don’t really fit, my pelvis has started hurting quite a bit from normal movement as it continues expanding, and my carpal tunnel is out of control. My fingers really hurt fairly constantly, but every time I think about saying my fingers hurt, I think of that scene in Happy Gilmore where Ben Stiller’s character says “Now you’re back’s going to hurt too because you just pulled landscaping duty.” I can’t do landscaping duty, I feel confident, but I’m scared someone’s going to jump out and try to make me! They crack like little Rice Krispies in the morning when I get up, so that’s always interesting.

So, now, we prepare and wait! I ended up getting a full month’s worth of dinners prepped I think, so those are waiting for us. I need to get the taxes done before they come, as well. Mostly done, we owe, so I’m avoiding finishing them. 😫 But, the money will be easier to spend now than it will when the two new family members are here. We go today to sign our wills, POAs, and the QCD to the house. I bought before we were married and didn’t put Justin on title. Preparing for your own mortality and having dreams of your husband trying to probate the house keeps me up at night, so I’m getting ready! It will be nice to have all that done anyway. I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it, every single time.

Have not packed the hospital bags which is still on the agenda for this week!

Right now, I’ve not been able to sleep, so an elaborate breakfast it is. Hopefully Justin can wake up to the smell of pancakes and bacon! I think everyone is getting ready for my sense of restraint with food to come back so all of our clothes fit again. 😊

I believe the names will be Isabelle James Doisy and Carter Edward Doisy.

We can’t wait to meet them.

3 thoughts on “35+2 and FINALLY, a growth scan

  1. Oh my gosh. I’m so excited for you and you are beautiful.

    I know you are uncomfortable and in pain at times, but you don’t have too much longer to go.

    Good for you in getting so much food prepped and getting all your legal items taken care of.

    ❤️you and can not wait to meet these sweet babies. 💙💕💙💕

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  2. Oh Annie! Just so excited to meet Isabelle and Carter. You have done such an amazing job with all of this. You are putting the rest of us to shame. (I am an old lady and i don’t have a will). Love you. See you 2/26 if not before.


  3. they pop Iike Rice Krispies??? Too funny. Especially in the am. The expression on your face during each of your time line pics is wonderful. This one says, I am so tired of carrying them by myself….Love you. Auntie Donna


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