Oh boy, you’re about ready!

Shouted the man across the parking lot at the grocery store. “Twins!” I shouted back. “Three weeks and three days left.” This was after a woman said “boy or girl?” To which I answered “both.” She walked away bewilderedly with no further questions. I don’t know if she didn’t get it or if she thought it was a controversial comment on gender fluidity or what. What I do know is that I’m at the point where people feel comfortable saying almost anything to me. It’s very interesting! I love observing human behavior at its most organic. Slightly odd, off kilter and offensive, it’s just mainly funny!

So, three weeks from this Tuesday is my C-section date at this point. Maybe induction, but I’ve got one breech baby girl and one transverse baby boy and they don’t have very much room to move, so it’s probably going the way of a C-section. Not ideal, but that seems the way things have gone in my procreation journey thus far. Certainly helps a type-A gal like myself to get used to plans changing and things not going right. So, next on my expectation plate is breast feeding. I went to see a lactation consultant this week who has b/g twins herself! I ended up getting a lot out of it and feel fairly prepared for what I hope to be a fulfilling journey. But for now, small goals.

  • Have healthy babies
  • Feed healthy babies

I feel armed with some good plans and hope my plans to breastfeed work out, but I’m prepared for them to change. I learned how to use my pump and am hoping I can focus on building a big supply whether it be from pumping or feeding. We’ll see! I’ll be focusing on feeding one baby at a time for about a week prior to introducing tandem feeding. Or, this will all go out the window and I’ll have to supplement with formula or donated milk. Who knows!? Each part of this journey has been an experience and the biggest shocks are about to come.

  • I am making freezer meals this weekend to hopefully prepare for some meals when the babies come. I’m about 1/3 of the way through that prep and it’s going well so far. The meals each make about 2 meals for us and I’ve got about 12(??) that I’m making, so hopefully about a month’s worth of dinners to have ready. I’ve tried none of them, so hopefully they’re good! 😂😂
  • On the list for next week is to pack hospital bags. I’ve been very fortunate to make it to 35 weeks Monday and honestly do believe I’ll make it to 2/26, but I’d rather be prepared as moving is becoming harder and harder. After work each day, I feel like I’ve run a marathon and am so sore, ha!
  • Had a small scare this week – at the appointment on Wednesday, my blood pressure was way up. No protein in my urine and all bloodwork came back fine. The next day, same story (blood pressure a little lower than previous day, but still high). Since nothing else seems to be off, we’re going forward. I am actually not that concerned because my blood pressure is generally higher than it’s been all pregnancy. I have weekly appointments so we shall keep an eye on it, but so far, no reason to expedite delivery. I’m thinking it may have been exacerbated by my cold, but who knows.
  • This week, I think I finally get my last growth scan on our sweet babies. I’ll be interested to see their estimated weights even though I know how inaccurate it can be! I’ve got three appointments left: this Wednesday, next Friday, and the following Wednesday. Hard to believe.

    I’ve had dreams that the babies are huge and that they’re the size and appearance of naked mole rats. The naked mole rats were much easier to tandem feed.

    Cheers to the last 24 days of my time with these sweet babies in my belly/uterus.

    4 thoughts on “Oh boy, you’re about ready!

    1. I had to go back to school when Easton was 13 days old, and never had to supplement formula with him. I’ll send you a recipe for lactation cookies I make. I also pumped after every single feeding starting when he was one week old. I produced a ton and ended up throwing out gallons of it because no one around us took donations. That being said, I got cocky with Theodore and did not start pumping after every feeding early on and we have had to supplement formula with him. I’m still trying to build back up (pumping as I type this 😂)


    2. Ahh but you look GREAT! So excited to read the birth story in a month or so and see the pics of your sweet newborns!!!


    3. You just look so beautiful. You would never know you are feeling uncomfortable. Love that you shouted back to your parking lot Captain Obvious.


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