33 plus some days

I’ve made it to 33 plus some days and another appointment today for an ultrasound, non-stress test, and doctor’s visit. They want to check my cervix today to see if I have what’s called invisible dilation. I’m thinking not but we’ll see!

A year ago today was my second egg retrieval so I again get to reflect what a year it has been. I started our taxes last night to ensure their completion prior to the babes’ birthdays and kept thinking I was missing something. Then I remembered our doctors’ expenses! Going through all that again is always amazing; I’m very thankful that we were able to come out of it with babies.

The stress, both emotionally and financially, of IVF and other fertility treatments is – I’m sure – rivaled by other things, but I’m not sure if any are elective. To all those currently going through it, I’m with you! I would never wish this on the Jafar to my Aladdin or the Scar to my Simba. Looking back definitely is interesting, but I don’t think you get to the point of appreciating the journey. Was it worth it? Yes, but that doesn’t negate everything else. The “journey” was the biggest test I’ve ever gone through and l definitely came out a changed person.

Today, I am elated to see Isabelle and our sweet little boy. I can’t believe we have under 34 days left until we meet them. ❤️

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