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31 week update (delayed)

Most of this is for myself and for my future babes to read about their journey into the world, so I figure I should keep track of my appointments. One week from yesterday, I started weekly appointments with my next one being today (and on Wednesdays for most of the remaining weeks).

The babies looked good; Isabelle had changed positions to be completely breech again while her brother is on top of her, transverse. Think of a ‘T’, then think of it as twins. In my belly. It’s not super comfortable, but as long as they’re growing I’ll make it work! Isabelle has a big growth spurt and outgrew her brother and was measuring at 3lbs 11oz. Her brother measured several ounces less. They’re still in the high 20s to low 30s percentile so supposedly no one but me is concerned. Looking forward to checking on them tomorrow and very much hoping that baby Boy has put on some weight.

I get to do non stress tests today as well to make sure they’re feeling relaxed and nothing is out of the ordinary. If everything proceeds normally and I make it to my goal, my delivery date (either vaginal induction or csection) will be 2/26. There’s a 13% chance of making it, I believe, so fingers crossed!!! I want big, healthy babies!

My most recent changes just include how I feel: very pregnant with twins. Things are difficult and making it through the days is getting progressively harder. At this point, my size is full term for one baby and I feel that. That being said, I want to make it these last 6 weeks (a bit under) and will deal with the issues that come!! I’ve started experiencing carpal tunnel pretty badly so that’s been a new feeling.

Cheers to new feelings and big babies. Hoping today has good news for us! This entry is from last week’s updates since I’m now 32 weeks + 2 days!

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