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Stretching is better than splitting

I looked in the mirror last night and examined my belly, per usual, when I discovered stretch marks under my belly button. I swear they’re only just now visible because I go through this regimen every night. But, thank goodness skin stretches rather than ripping open. Bodies are an interesting thing. We paid our embryo storage bill for this next year and I contemplated what would happen with our family over the next 9ish years. Who knows?! Now that we’re having a boy and a girl, most everyone says “how lucky! You’re done in one pregnancy.” Surprisingly or not, this brings about a bout of education for most people. Education on our experience, why we aren’t done, and education on giving opinions to strangers if you don’t want them given back.

(Side note: all iPhone users now know if you hold down space bar, you can effectively move your cursor wherever you need to, with ease, right? If not, try it!)

How far along? 30 weeks 4 days

Total weight gain/loss? Up…. a lot!

Maternity clothes? Yes. Made the mistake of trying on some old clothes. They didn’t fit. 😆

Stretch marks? Yes. Vivid, aggressive ones, likely.

Sleep? Eh. The more frequent contractions wake me up and the fact that rolling over takes a series of 20 micro movements, each accompanied by a grunt makes everything more difficult.

Best moment this week? Getting through my last week without weekly ultrasounds. I imagine my last baby shower in Stl will be the highlight of my week, but since it hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t feel like I can say it!

Miss Anything? Freedom of movement!

Movement? Yes! My sweet babies are active and doing well, still hoping they’ll turn. I found out my belly band can prevent them from turning so I’ve been without that as I try to will them head down into the canal.

Food cravings? Still not a craving, but still dig blueberry pancakes. They’re so yummy.

Have you started to show yet? Oh yeah. Outgrown everyone I know still pregnant with a single babe.

Sexes? Boy+Girl. Somehow even further back on names than we were.

Labor Signs? The contractions continue, but at last appointment my cervix (by View of US) was still long and closed, so my uterus is just preparing…hopefully.

Belly Button in or out? In.  A little weird flap is out, but it’s still got some room to go.

Wedding rings on or off? OFF. My knuckles are why I can’t get it off though. I didn’t know my bones would grow.

Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy! 🙂

Looking forward to? Baby shower, celebrating Jenna’s birthday, and weekly appointments.

What I’m worried about this week: Babies’ growth and transition into the world. Thanks to my brother and my sweet SIL’s recommendations, we’ve had some new books to read on parenting which have kept us busy.

Now for the decision that occurs every morning… do you get up for the day at 3:30 or try for that ever elusive one more hour of sleep (4:10 at present…).



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