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Welcome to the last trimester!

After a scare last week that caused some fetal monitoring, I anxiously awaited my ultrasound. The heartrate monitoring told me that the babies had moved which explained the “lack of movement” by baby boy, but the ultrasound would explain much more.

The ultrasound showed that – uncommonly – our babies are now transverse again and have switched from their side by side position and are now both laying horizontal across my body. Baby girl is still low and baby boy is high. Both heads are on my left side and both bottoms and legs are on my right side. Their movement has not negatively affected cord positions and I’m hoping they’re getting ready to arrange themselves head down per my previous discussions with them (and my attempts to change their position with the Spinning Babies Techniques.)

I’m happy to report that I passed my glucose test and can continue the bowl of ice cream before bed. Babies are growing concordantly and are in the 39th (Isabelle) percentile at 2lbs 7 oz and 50th (Carter, Thomas, Jacob) percentile at 2lbs 11 oz. I’ve got almost 6 lbs of baby in me plus pounds of fluid and placenta. My belly is getting bigger and bigger to hopefully make room for my future 8 pounders. Currently, my belly measures at 36 weeks for a singleton, so I think I’ll get to about 50-55 weeks measurement. 😂😂😂😂 I guess now I have to start giving people a little bit of slack when they say “due any day now, huh?”

I gotta say, yes, my back hurts pretty bad at the end of each day, but overall, things are going great – everyone knock on wood.

Under 10 weeks left and I’m not sure it feels completely real. Actually, I am sure, and it doesn’t. I’ve got my shower in STL shortly after the new year then am willing myself to make it to my due date of 2/25 from then on out. I think with the right attitude, it’s definitely possible.

My doctor said my new moles are fine, no one will remove them while I’m pregnant and they’re more common in lighter hair/skinned people. I picked one off the other day which was a messy little disaster. The one encumbering my tattoo is the only one that bothers me, but that’s okay.

2.5 weeks until my next appointment, then I get to see the babies every single week until delivery!!! We will do growth scans, non-stress tests, and appointments to make sure babies are growing and moving appropriately and are not in any type of distress.

Hoping the next 9.5 weeks goes smoothly and Isabelle and Carter/Thomas/Jacob continue to grow to be strong babies! (Calling them by their prospective names helps personify them and maybe make it feel real. 🤷‍♀️) I have a feeling their personalities are already strong.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the last trimester!

  1. I’m so excited! And, I love that we have names. Isabelle (how perfect that!?!) and CTJ (can’t go wrong!). I have been very interested in your reports of the babys’ changes/movements/etc. It’s all fascinating. Love you and your big family

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  2. Hello Annie,
    We are so happy for you and Justin. It seems like things are going quite well for Isabelle and her brother! You are in our thoughts; we’re confident the next 9 1/2 weeks will go well and fly by. Have a wonderful Christmas, and rest up! When those babies arrive, you’ll be plenty busy!
    Love from your Aunt Nancy and Uncle Dan


  3. Love these updates and that the scare turned out all good. You are officially at the stage of pregnancy where sleep is worse than when they are actually here!! Hang in there. I don’t know much about a full term pregnancy but I do know that you’ll look back and kinda miss being pregnant and think how on earth it went that fast!!!


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