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Today and every day…

Be thankful and grateful. We lost Justin’s grandmother last night, which brings on a slightly more somber tone to our Thanksgiving in St. Louis this year. We left work early on Tuesday to spend some time with her as we were unsure if waiting until today was the right move. I’m thankful we got that time and I am so thankful she is now in peace.

97 years old, outlived her husband by 45ish years and wore her wedding ring until the day she died. Fiercely devoted and loyal, her most memorable trait was kindness. She is Justin’s dad’s mom, yet when Justin’s parents got divorced, there was a time when she housed Justin’s mom, Jenna, and Justin. She was a second mom to Carrie and had a heart of absolute gold. Like any sane woman, she loved her card games and would get pissed at Jenna and me when we would have too much table talk while playing Canasta. The table talk rarely helped; our record was a losing one. She was able to age in place and her suffering was minimal.

This Thanksgiving, we are reminded of our mortality which helps guide us to appreciate every moment. Conversely, we are reminded of the potential in new lives by the sweet kicks and punches aggressively being landed by the eight tiny limbs growing stronger by the day within my womb. We saw our babies yesterday and they’re doing well. Baby girl is 1lb 8oz and baby boy is 1lb 10oz. She’s in the 45th percentile and he’s in the 53rd. They’re growing concordantly and are having appropriate growth spurts. They were both active and moving around quite a bit for us which was great to see. The only picture of them together that we can get anymore is of their two heads.

Hard to believe that they’ve grown from tiny embryos. We (I) look at our embryo pictures often as we are lucky enough to have pictures from when they were 150 cells. Both babies are breech currently, but still have enough room to flip. I’m measuring the size of a 30 week pregnant woman with a single baby, so about 6 weeks ahead at present. It’s truly amazing what can change in a year.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, from our growing family to yours. If you knew how much love I carry in my heart for you all, it would help you to feel warm on a cold day.


Peace, love, Christmas music, and turkey. Remember to enjoy each moment.

One thought on “Today and every day…

  1. Happy thanksgiving my sweet sister friend! I’m so thankful for our friendship! ❤️🥰😘 love to the babes from auntie keeks!


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