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One week

Ah, 1998. I was 11 and my emotions were at their highest. Also, my understanding of my future career as a performer was omnipresent. Being a singer/rapper/lyricist/songwriter, I knew that memorizing lyrics and notes was going to be paramount in my upcoming famed career. It was a time post Garth Brooks’ banger of “Ain’t going down ’til the sun comes up” and a time prior to “Rap God” and “look at me now.” It was prime time for the Barenaked Ladies and their song “One week.” So, as any normal 11 year old does, I took to the internet, printed the lyrics and practiced for an hour until they were memorized to completion. That way, I could also nonchalantly use this skill amongst others as way to impress them.

When I started this blog, we had one week until our next appointment. It’s now Sunday and we have three days before seeing our little turkeys again.

What’s new?

Let’s see… people keep telling me I’m getting bigger. (Thanks, I know, I’m having twins and who likes to hear they’re getting bigger all the time!? Maybe next time they’ll try: “Wow, I’m so happy there’s more of you to love today.” Not sure that’s the answer either, but we’ll see.)

I am getting bigger as our babies keep growing. It’s a treat to feel them more and I’m thankful that Justin has felt them several times, as well. They seem to like the things that we do so here’s hoping we have agreeable, amazing sleepers. šŸ˜‰ We reach prospective viability tomorrow, at 24 weeks and that will be one milestone behind us! Hopefully, they will be happy for 12-14 more weeks and continue to put on weight and develop heartily.

I’m uncomfortable. I think it’s slightly related to the sedentary nature of my job, but my back and hips are quite painful each day. Taking baths helps.

We looked at cars last weekend and left because they wouldn’t bend to my will and I didn’t give into their tactics. I explained multiple times that it’s a means to an end and trying to play on some weird emotional connection wasn’t going to get me to spend more money. In a shocking turn of events, they called yesterday and said they could do what I asked them to, so we no longer have the Maxima and have something that I can actually get the infant stroller in/out of the car. It will also allow us to travel with the twins and Zeppelin which is great!

I have Braxton Hicks contractions quite a bit, but remind myself that as long as they’re irregular, they’re positive and hopefully helping my body prepare for a vaginal delivery. I’m not holding my breath, but I’ve given the babes pep talks on their late gestational positioning and I think we can do it.

We have a lot to be thankful for this year and it’s so drastically different than how I was feeling at this time last year. It’s interesting to see the dichotomy.


3 thoughts on “One week

  1. I love reading these posts! It brings me back to my pregnancy and makes my heart swell. In a weird way, I miss being pregnant. Enjoy it!!


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