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19+6 and Arachnids 🕷

We made it another week and get to see our babies on Thursday! We are on our way back into Columbia after celebrating the baptism of our cousin’s fourth child of whom I’m the Godmother.

We are four weeks from our first milestone – 24 weeks. This is when our babies are viable. Viable does not mean they will survive outside the womb, but it’s possible and our first milestone. 28 weeks is the big one; at 28 weeks, 90% of babies survive. I would love to keep my babies hanging out in my safe little (big) uterus until 37-38 weeks, but it’s important to celebrate their milestones.

I can’t wait to see them and get some reassurance that they’re growing as they should and there are no apparent issues presenting. It’s our big, level 2, anatomy ultrasound, so we will get to spend a couple hours with them (1 hour per baby) and hopefully get to confirm that they’re developing normally.

It will also be interesting to confirm the sexes. While she said she was certain, I always have in the back of my mind the stories where the 16wk US was wrong. It’s unlikely for the boy’s penis to disappear, but I suppose the girl to boy error is a little more common.

I am feeling pregnant. That’s been the biggest change this week. My back has started to hurt and my size seems to be increasing by the day. I keep accidentally running into things after underestimating my size, so that’s been fun. Normal things like flipping over when I’m sleeping have been a process, as well. When I got home on Friday, I lamented to Justin how much more challenging everything was going to get. I gotta say though, I’m enjoying every minute. Bodies are so bizarre and while I may not have been able to conceive by having sex, I’m so proud of my body for growing these two babes.

I’ve been blotchy on my neck since about 14 weeks. As I was getting out of the shower this week, I noticed the blotchy-ness was continuing to make its way down my body. After consulting google, I’ve found out that I have little spider angiomas everywhere. Due to the increased blood flow, my blood vessels are breaking all over my body. It’s painless, I just have to make certain Justin’s into the chicken pox look.

I’m still tired. I never got the “superwoman” feeling in my second trimester, but I guess there’s still some time! This past week, I also felt extremely emotional for the first time. I can feel the hormones pulsing through my veins.

The nursery is painted and thanks to my mother in law, the babes have cribs for us to set up this week. It’s hard to believe in about four months, we will be holding our sweet miracles.

The babies were enrolled in daycare this week at a brand new center near our house. My parents are planning on coming for about a month when I go back to work and stay with them, which is a wonderful gift. Keeping them in the hands of loved ones for a bit longer is very special. Plus, I’m counting on them to cook and clean during their down time. 😂😂 Just kidding, mom and dad!

I have been packing up my needles and getting ready to shed myself of our IVF stuff for the time being. Keeping a bunch of used needles around feels like it’s against baby 101, but it’s been a surprisingly emotional challenge. That’s for another blog, though.

Cheers to 20 weeks and to seeing our little mini-mes this week!


One thought on “19+6 and Arachnids 🕷

  1. Yay for milestones!!! As I was organizing baby stuff this week I opened up the cabinet in our guest bathroom and ALLLLLL of our IVF stuff is still in there. I haven’t been able to get rid of it. It was such a big part of these little guys’ story, it feels so nostalgic! However, I am aware that leftover needles probably isn’t too baby friendly so I should probably rip the band aid off and get rid of it all.


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