Whoaaaaa, we’re halfway there!

19 weeks tomorrow and I’m at least halfway through my pregnancy with our babies.  It’s hard to believe how quickly time has flown, but at the same time, not.  It’s an interesting mix of paralyzing fear and realizing that I absolutely have to prepare for these babies, so standing still isn’t an option.

Justin doesn’t know it yet, but the whole house was painted on Thursday and Friday. He’s been out of town in Alabama for the Mizzou game, so it’s been an uneventful weekend. The nursery is gray with a yellow horizontal around the room, about a third of the way up.  It’s amazing how much paint changes the entire house.  My decorations no longer go, though I’m not in a huge hurry to shop for anything else.  I had them fill the holes, so I’m guessing we will be looking at empty walls for a bit.

This week, as I was showering, I felt something in my belly button.  My belly button just keeps getting deeper, as opposed to popping out, so it’s like a bottomless pit.  Finally, after much opposition, I pulled out about 10 of Zeppelin’s hairs connected to a crumb. Both disgusting and hilarious.  I DO clean myself, so it hadn’t been in there long, but it was quite disturbing.  I did consider the possibility that I’m sprouting coarse black dog hair from my belly button and that the crumb was a scab from the beginnings of some weird Animorph thing.

Some of you may know I gave up deodorant seven or so months ago in my pursuit of getting pregnant.  It has not been a problem. Until now. I am not a huge sweater, nor do I normally smell, but that has recently all changed. I’m not sure yet if I’m offensive to other people, but I guess we shall see in the following weeks. 🙂 So, if you smell me coming, please just let me know it’s time to break the cycle.

My skin is looking MUCH better, even after I switched face washes.  As you may know, nothing is safe when you’re pregnant, so I switched to an all natural face scrub that is safe while pregnant – Acure Skin Brightening Facial Scrub. Made with sea kelp and lots of other green stuff, it smells very “natural,” but it works incredibly well.

I’ve been a bit crazy on the whole dessert thing this week and it’s possible I gained 10 pounds this week which wouldn’t be great if it’s just from sugar.  So, I’m trying to rein it in on that and make sure I’m putting in good things into my body for these babies.  I’ve got a little less than two weeks until our big anatomy/level 2 scan on the babies and I just can’t wait.


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