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Bell Peppers in my belly

18 weeks tomorrow and I’ve got two little bell peppers growing away in my belly. We’re getting closer on some names for our babies and overall doing well.

How far along? 17w + 6

Total weight gain/loss? Not sure.  I’m guessing up about 10lbs at this point! We will find out at the next appointment.

Maternity clothes? Yes. My pants haven’t fit in quite some time. Dresses still fit, so I can wear pre-baby dresses, but if I want pants, it’s “pregnant pants” for me.  Justin’s vernacular hasn’t evolved at all, as of yet.

Stretch marks? Not other than the existing ones… putting on as much lotion as possible to prevent it!

Sleep? Ugh.  Not good. I’m exhausted at 9:00 PM, then wake up around 2:00 AM (if not before) and then I’m pretty much up for the day. It’s not a great cycle.  I think it’s time for a maternity pillow, too, so I’ve got to get on that.

Best moment this week? Making it another week with my sweet babes.  Also, we moved most everything out of what used to be the guest room and will soon be the nursery.  So, the old office is now the guest room and the guest room is almost completely empty.  A bookshelf that is being picked up tomorrow and Zeppelin’s crate are its only occupants. It feels nice to get something done.

Miss Anything? I wanted lunch meat the other day and I’m really struggling with caffeine at the moment. Considering integrating it back into my diet in order to function a bit better.  Obviously most people don’t cut it out completely, so I don’t know. Maybe even just an iced tea.

Movement? Yes, but it is extremely intermittent. I wish I could feel them more so I could have some reassurance that they were doing okay.  I think I can still feel baby boy from the outside and I believe I feel baby girl moving internally more, but I’m not sure.

Food cravings? Nope. I made brownies today though and they’re amazing. Like maybe the best I’ve ever made.  So, I’m not sure if that’s just because I haven’t had brownies in years or if the babies love them. 🙂

Have you started to show yet? Yes! I can still hide it-ish to strangers if I wear extremely baggy clothing, but that’s not really my jam.  I’m proud of my growing belly and so thankful for the exterior reminder that I’m growing two babies.

Sexes? A boy and a girl!

Labor Signs? Nope, all good so far. Most twin mamas start feeling Braxton hicks in between 18-20 weeks, so I’m looking out for them, but nothing so far.

Belly Button in or out? In. So far in, still. I don’t think there’s any way it will pop out.

Wedding rings on or off?  On

Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy!  I don’t think I’m moody by any means, but I have been stressed out more recently.

Looking forward to? Doctor’s appointment in 2.5 weeks. The house should start getting painted at the end of this week and I’m really excited for that, too.

What I’m worried about this week: That my babies aren’t doing okay. I just hope they’re both growing strong and appropriately!


4 thoughts on “Bell Peppers in my belly

  1. The cutest little bell peppers ever! You are doing great! Wish I could try those brownies! Happy week for you all! Can’t wait to see the nursery!

    Love always,


  2. Movement at this stage is very lightly felt because bell peppers aren’t quite strong enough for big pushes. Just wait and cease worrying. Love to all four of you!


  3. Bell peppers, I love you and your Mama and Daddy. Keep up the great work Annie and try not to worry so much, (I know, easy for me to say! I remember my first pregnancy and the worry it entailed!). Love you all.


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