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In Utero… 16 weeks

RIP Kurt Cobain

Wednesday was a very busy day. I toured a daycare (that I liked better than the previous, but there are not two open spots) and then diligently worked until it was time to see our sweet babies!

We got to the ultrasound and didn’t have to wait too long before we were taken back. The ultrasonographer explained that she was going to look at each baby, take some measurements to ensure their growths were on the right track, then measure my cervix internally to make sure there is no thinning and it’s staying long and closed. She asked us if we wanted to “go there” in terms of the “diaper area” to which I replied yes!

First and foremost we got to see their sweet beautiful heartbeats ticking away. It’s hard to explain the relief that comes with knowing that they’re both okay. Our big anatomy scan is at 20 weeks, but she was able to see a lot. We saw each baby’s main leg bone and arm bone (please forgive me for forgetting the names at the moment. Post 4:30 PM is really not my prime.) We saw the four chambers of each heart, saw their big brains, confirmed two kidneys on both, and saw their bladders and stomachs. They appeared to have full tummies and are processing the amniotic fluid properly. Baby A was measured first and was very busy; constantly moving, it was hard to get a steady heartbeat but we did and it was 160. Then she froze the screen on the genitalia and asked if we had any guesses. I apparently just can’t differentiate between in womb parts. She then said, Congratulations, Baby A is a little girl! And we discussed how she could tell, if she was sure, etc. At this point I’m in shock, though I don’t think it’s because she is a girl, it’s just because they’re big enough to be little humans. I wasn’t expecting anything and honestly think I would’ve been floored no matter the outcome.

Baby B’s turn was just as exciting. The heartbeat was 158 and though less active than Miss A, B was still moving and grooving around. The measurements were all taken and the screen was frozen again. This time, she said, Baby B is a boy! It was truly just one of the most incredible appointments I’ve ever had and to now be able to know that we’re going to have a little boy AND a little girl; we’re just overjoyed. We got to watch them for a little bit and that was hilarious. The little girl was kicking her brother pretty excessively and was moving all over the place. He seemed more defensive than anything, so I think we’re in for a fun ride.

Both babies are around 6 oz, our little girl is measuring ahead by a couple days and our little boy is measuring right on.

One thing that I had asked is that I kept feeling this bump on my belly but assumed it was too high to be the babies. Initially she agreed but after looking around, the little thing I felt was likely baby B as he is sitting pretty high! Both placentas look good as far as placement and my cervix is closed and significantly over the 3 cm length they want to see at this point.

We then transitioned to the doctor who I asked about my falling issues (mom/dad, I’m fine.) I’ve had three ish bouts of falling where I’m not super clear what happened. Anyway, apparently this is common in pregnant women, more common in women having multiples, but basically the blood doesn’t get to my head quick enough- it’s busy doing other things. The prescription is to do things slower to give my body time to catch up (and to always make sure I’m eating appropriately). I’ve not fallen on my belly and I’m acclimated to bruising so I think it’s all going to be okay!

I’ve gained about 7 pounds! My blood pressure was higher this time, but still lower than normal. My belly is measuring at a 21 wk Singleton pregnancy (I’m 16 and a half weeks) so this shit is going to get real pretty quickly. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

We are so elated and are looking forward to the weeks to come, but also enjoying this time just brewing our little babes.


2 thoughts on “In Utero… 16 weeks

  1. So so soooooo happy for you all! Can’t wait to meet my niece and nephew! πŸ’πŸŽ€πŸ’™πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦πŸΌπŸΌ


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