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Can you make your accent walls French?

On the agenda recently: daycares vs. nannies and house painting.

I’ve toured one daycare, am touring another next week, and another the second week of October.  Two of these have two openings for late April, one does not.  The comments are funny – they did ask me if I’d be interested in one spot.  I just can’t imagine anyone who would split their infant twins up, but maybe it happens.  I’ve started looking for nannies, as well.  The cost for a nanny is the same or slightly less than a daycare, but there are issues with both routes, so I’m trying to research everything, interview people, and hope that the right solution will present itself.  Currently, we’re leaning towards a daycare,  I think, but a new organization I joined in town (Columbia Moms of Multiples) really suggests that the nanny is the way to go.  So, it’s a work in progress.

I think, for now, we’re staying in our house, but I’m finally doing something about the paint.  I’ve gotten a bid on painting most everything and am very anxious to get started.  It’s crazy expensive (or maybe not, but more expensive than I thought), so I’m trying to get a few more bids to see if we can shave some money off of the cost.  The colors I’m thinking about drastically change the appearance of our home, so all of our decorations will be tacky and will clash which is something to consider, I guess. The gentleman I spoke with talked to me about accent walls which I love the idea of, but are so far out of my element.

Something I am taking from my friend who gave me meds for this past cycle and who just delivered her sweet boys (very early, but everyone is doing well) is a quick question and answer update on the pregnancy! I’m sure at the very least this will help me remember it all!

How far along? 15 wks + 5

Total weight gain/loss? Hard to say, I’ll find out at the doctor’s next week.  I’m thinking around a 6lb weight gain, but it seems to be coming a bit easier for which I am thankful.

Maternity clothes? Yep. Mainly dresses, but have some pants.  They’re quite comfortable.

Stretch marks? No. I already have stretch marks from my dramatic weight gain/loss during and after college, so I expect to get more, but hopefully not for a while.  I’m using all the cream in the world to help prevent it, so we shall see.

Sleep? Eh. Not great, but enjoying every moment.  As everyone keeps saying “I’ll wish I was this tired when I have the twins,” so for right now, I’m taking this time to sleep when I can and then enjoy stressing out about the ever-growing todo list when I can’t sleep.

Best moment this week? I think I felt them this week.  I’m not 10000%, but it’s possible.

Miss anything? Caffeine and lunch meat.  No real reason though. I think it’s just because I am avoiding it, so it’s a mental thing.

Movement? I think so, but I guess we shall see.

Started to show? Yes, I’m very proud of my belly and it seems to grow every day.


Belly button in or out? In.  I will be extremely surprised if my belly button ever pops out (though I love it when they do, so I hope it does).  My belly button’s like a deep, dark, bottomless weird pit (exacerbated by my surgery), so there’s like five inches to go.

Wedding ring off or on? On. Seems okay so far!

Happy or moody? Happy! I got mad once the past two weeks, but I think I was tired….

What am I looking forward to? Seeing our babies next Wednesday and hopefully finding out if we’re having little boys, little girls, or one of each.

What am I worried about? General growth, if they’re doing okay, if they’re healthy, etc.

I’m very excited for Wednesday and seeing our little babies.



5 thoughts on “Can you make your accent walls French?

  1. You look so so beautiful! You are truly glowing! Eeeeeeee! Let me know when I can interview for the nanny position 😊😊😊! Love you…J …babes and Zepp!


  2. That is right around the time I felt the first movements!!!! You are cruising through this pregnancy. Are you planning on doing a fun reveal or will you find out right away at the ultrasound apt?


  3. You know….if you come back to stl or convince jenna and karl to move to como, i know a great nanny that would take care of all the babies. 😍


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