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Babies’ First Hurricane

Tomorrow we leave for Myrtle Beach in a vacation planned by my lovely MIL. As luck would have it, the hurricane might be there, as well. Hoping the course changes its trajectory, but I guess we will see. Most people have assured me I won’t get stuck and will be on track to be home the same time I planned, so I’m crossing my fingers.

I’ve been spotting or whatever you want to call it since the day prior to my last appointment, but remaining calm since I’ve got directives on when to worry. It’s still worrisome, but at this point, everything is, so I’ve got to take a deep breath and trust in my body. As I’m packing for this trip, it’s increasingly apparent that I’m growing and don’t have clothes to dress my body yet. At work, I can get by with the same 5 outfits – mostly dresses with a newly added pair of black “pregnant” pants (Justin’s language), but the beach is something else. I put on three swimsuits last weekend and they are all quite interesting looking.

Thankfully, many people around me have been pregnant before and one of my sweet friends was willing to put me together some dresses, shorts, and tops that I can wear on our trip. I think I’ll have to go shopping soon, but we’ll see.

Just this week, I think I’ve put on a few lbs, so I estimate my belly will start to expand with a quickness. It’s no longer super concealable at work, but if you didn’t know me could possibly think I’m just a belly weight carrier. Almost everyone we’ve told has been super supportive and I’m thankful for that. Hell, I’m actually thankful for those people who haven’t been because they don’t know how wanted and loved these babies are. Something I’ve always been great at is escalating the awkwardness of a situation. Coupled with years of infertility treatments, there’s not much of a filter on my replies to unsolicited comments on my family plan. It’s quite funny to watch people’s reactions.

I have got to call next week and figure out my embryo storage so that our other two ❄️ embryos stay safe until we can use them.

Well, since I started this at 3:00 am, things have changed. The hurricane path was straight at myrtle beach so after a very long, complicated conference call, we booked flights to LA and a place close to the beach, in Marina del Rey. Currently on the plane, trying to avoid going to the bathroom.

The title of this is no longer relevant, but man these kids have had some interesting travel experiences. Zeppelin is staying with his cousins and uncle (all dogs) and a dog sitter is watching them. I don’t envy her, but the app Rover certainly is convenient and cool!

The social media announcement trend is the only thing that we’ve yet to do. I’m in several IVF groups online and everyone keeps posting theirs, so I guess it’s “time,” but I don’t think I’m quite ready. We’ve talked about doing something at the beach, but I don’t really know. Obviously it doesn’t matter whatsoever, but I feel like it’s the last part in acceptance, too, so maybe this week is the week.

I’ll take pictures of all the famous people I meet!


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