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Plumble Bees 🐝

12 weeks and 2 days and our babies are the size of plums. We have an appointment on Thursday to see them and I couldn’t be happier! It will be our last appointment until 16 weeks, then 20 weeks before more frequent monitoring may begin again.

I think Justin and I are finally starting to believe that this is going to happen. After Thursday’s appointment, we may be completely in our acceptance phase. It’s hard to explain, but it is something that we’ve been pursuing aggressively for a long time and it’s hard to not be guarded initially. I’m sure most people feel this way, but the feeling is exacerbated by our experience.

I still have felt overall very well! My nausea is combatted if I keep eating; it’s when I forget to eat that I feel fairly awful. My food intake has increased and a friend helped me with a meal plan to make sure I’m getting the amount of nutrients that are recommended to me. I’m tired, but I’m sure you mamas are just saying “get used to it,” and I am/will! My body does feel the exhaustion of cooking these 2 babes but I think it might be slowly subsiding. I have to make sure my stomach stays full or waking up is a guarantee. It’s a probable regardless, but hunger makes it much worse – just like a baby, I suppose.

My stomach has grown and my pants don’t fit my waist (or what it used to be). Luckily, I’ve got plenty of dresses to wear through this chubby phase of my pregnancy. I think I’ve kept on 2-3 lbs and I’m very happy about that. I believe at this point, that will start to increase and I’m less worried about it.

We might skip out on the genetic testing on Thursday. Since it doesn’t change our trajectory, I’m not sure it’s worth the additional cost, but that will probably be a game time decision.

My first twin present that Kelly gave me sits on our bathroom counter right now to remind us of our little miracles. It’s very special to both of us and it’s super cute 😍😍.

Hopefully tomorrow’s (Thursday) appointment goes well and the fear will subside enough to enter the planning stage.

We’ve talked about buying a new house and new car for me. Both of which I’m not sure will immediately happen. Our house is fine and has three bedrooms, one of which is currently a guest room and the other an office. Due to having almost no family in Columbia, we still need the guest room and, obviously, a room for the twins. The fact that we will have 2 of many things at the same time will contribute to making our home feel a bit claustrophobic to me. We looked at houses, found one we loved, but we shall see. I imagine, like always, pragmatism will win and we will do nothing. The funny thing about IVF multiples is that you may or may not have (in our case, definitely did) extinguished any fund that existed for a down payment or rainy day on creating your miracles. πŸ˜‚ I’d much rather our babies than more space so I’m certainly not complaining. We’ve got equity in our house but would ideally like to keep it for a bit, so using the equity isn’t a viable solution in that way.

We’ve got time and as I said, realistically plenty of room for the babies. Perhaps a sign will present itself.

Happy 2:30 AM and happy Wednesday! It’s one of my favorite days of the week (tied with the others that end in ‘Y’). 🀣

Cheers & Love!


3 thoughts on “Plumble Bees 🐝

  1. So excited for you guys. Cannot wait for Thursday’s baby pics. Keep up the great work incubatin those babies. Love you!


  2. We just got a new car this week because we realized our twin stroller did not fit in the back of our small suv!! Highly suggest picking out the stroller you want and have the measurements when you go shopping or better yet, bring with you to make sure it’ll fit. Unless you’re getting a minivanπŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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  3. We had 3 in a 2 bedroom apartment and Jim Gaffigan had 5 in a two bedroom apartment, so it’s definitely doable 😁 We’re excited for you!! The kids have been begging for another baby for a couple months, so hopefully they can settle for getting to visit your babies 🀣🀣

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