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OB Appointment and the diagram of a cervix

I saw my OB this week after graduation from our RE. She’s only been my OB for about three years because I had to unexpectedly switch due to an incident that happened with my previous. She’s a very good doctor who many people I know use and is very kind. The last time she saw me, we discussed that I was going into my second egg retrieval and my general plans going forward so quite a lot had changed since then!

In the beginning, the nurse took my weight, blood pressure and height. My weight was down from the last weigh in at my RE. I never thought I’d be so into holding onto these pounds – more on that in a while. My blood pressure was extraordinarily low (for me) which was interesting, and they wouldn’t let me add the .5 inch that I’ve been carrying around since 6th grade to my height. I guess I have to accept that I’m really 5’4″.

I was expecting a Pap smear and got it; it’s very common for first prenatal appointments, especially when it’s been almost a year since the previous. That was not super pleasant. The irritation to my cervix caused bleeding which the doctor spent significant time explaining where my babies are in relation to my cervix and how it’s impossible for anything to happen. Since this has happened previously, I should have been prepared but bleeding, in any form, is disconcerting.

Everything appeared okay and we talked calendar. As I think I’ve stated before, 38 weeks will be my max allowed gestation. Twins (multiples in general, but I’m only going to talk about twins) stop growing very much at that point and it’s fairly dangerous to continue gestating past that point. Regardless of how many babies you have, the uterus can only stretch so much. So, my uterus at 32 weeks will be the same size as a mother carrying one baby at 40 weeks. On average, twins are born at 35.4 weeks, 60% arrive prior to 37 weeks, and 12% arrive prior to 32 weeks. The goal, of course, would be to go into labor on my own in between 37 & 38 weeks and hope the babies are in a good position.

Next information is my OPINION ONLY and I will always put the babies’ safety above any plan that I have. I also reserve the right to change my opinion any damn time I want. Thanks!

We talked about the likelihood of a c-section, which is something I really hope to avoid. I’d love to have a fairly unassisted birth. I no longer have dreams of delivering at home with the two babies, but I’d love to deliver vaginally with no medicine, including induction medication. I stated my preference and she seemed to understand but still wanted me to understand what is statistically likely to occur. We will see, I’ve got a long way to go. As of right this very second we are doing genetic testing, including an ultrasound with an NT scan to detect major hormone issues at 12 weeks. The test I’ll be doing is better for twins but does not include a sex chromosome test, so that will wait for a later ultrasound. I’m still slightly undecided about the genetic testing but will likely go forward. It wouldn’t change any of our plans regardless of the results, so it will just provide information.

Then, after that, I have a 16wk ultrasound and appointment and a 20wk ultrasound and appointment. That is all that is currently scheduled. I need to clarify my comments in my previous blog. I’m high risk because of the twins. Initially, most multiple pregnancies are labeled high risk. There’s nothing else currently to indicate an issue. I hope to not have bed rest, but it’s significantly more common for MoMs (Mothers of multiples) to have contractions and/or preterm labor in the second trimester, so they’re trying to prepare me for what COULD happen. Which brings me to the weight thing. A steady, consistent weight gain, including the first trimester is one thing that has been proven to help the babies stay in the womb for longer. With my BMI, I’m shooting for about a 45-55 pound gain. Ideally, 12 lbs in the first trimester. I’ll be 11 weeks in 36 hours and have not really put on more than maybe a couple. So, is there an issue? No. Everyone thinks I’m doing fine, but it’s something that research indicates is helpful in keeping these babes cooking until I’m full term and it’s something that’s important to me! Hence why I keep talking about it.

I’m happy to report that I’m still sleepy but am feeling pretty good other than that. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with meats and eggs, so I’m adding low sugar protein shakes to make sure I get enough protein. We are enjoying the beginning time as a family of five (including Zeppelin). I finally had a dream about the babies last night and they were both boys. Not what most people are guessing, but we shall see!

XXOX! Happy Saturday!

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