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Fruit I never knew was the same size.

Strawberries. Kumquats. Prunes. Apparently, the babies are the size of all three this week.

They’ve graduated from embryos to fetuses just as I’ve graduated from my RE to my OB. As I gave a pantless hug to everyone yesterday, I was overcome with emotion. It’s hard to believe. 6 rounds of clomid. 3 rounds of letrazole. 3 failed IUIs. 3 egg retrievals. Hundreds of injections. With Round One, no one made it to transfer. Round Two resulted in 2 embryos which, after transfer, failed to implant. Round Three was supposed to be the beginning of my five egg banking cycles to stack embryos, but was changed on the fly. 10 weeks, 2 days pregnant with our little miracles and have 2 ❄️❄️ frozen embabies waiting for us. It still doesn’t feel real. My pants are really too tight around the midsection and for someone who has never really had a belly (I’m not thin, just carry my weight elsewhere), it now is slightly there. Something to look down at and remember that our babies are growing.

So, I’m high risk and my only job is to gestate. They told me I needed to be prepared for bed rest after Halloween. That was…..jarring. Naturally, I didn’t believe them, so I asked today, as well.  Same answers.  Now, being prepared doesn’t mean that it will happen – and – hopefully, it will not happen! My OB appointment was interesting. We got to see our little babes and they were both moving around quite a bit. Both measuring either on track or ahead with perfect heartbeats.  They are beginning to look human with distinguishable arms and legs. It’s pretty crazy to see them both dancing around inside of me.

There are more details to share, but I’m sleepy (surprise, surprise), so will fully recap the appointment tomorrowish.


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