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Krasbeans and other units of measurement

Yesterday, we had our 8wk ultrasound to check in on our little guys. According to various apps, they’re the size of either kidney beans or raspberries. I’m finding it disconcerting that they’re compared to food constantly, but I also am having trouble thinking of alternatives. Perhaps a small pebble? A stack of seven nickels? 300 blades of grass balled up and compressed? I guess for now, my little krasbeans can be compared to food.

The appointment went well. My blood pressure was higher than last time, but more normal for what I would expect. I’m slightly nervous about it climbing throughout my pregnancy, but we will see. My resting heartrate is normally about 100 and my blood pressure is slightly above 120/80. I’m no longer exacerbating either of these things with caffeine, so we will see.

Anyway, immediately, they showed me the two heartbeats and then started taking measurements. During that process we got to hear their sweet little beats for the first time. Baby A is measuring at 8wks4d with a heartrate of 182. Baby B is measuring 8wks1d (my actual gestational age) with a heartrate of 172. Both of them look great!

I go back in 2 weeks and if everything looks good, I then “graduate” and am deployed to my normal OB.

We love these little guys so much already, so we are wishing that they continue growing strong!!

3 thoughts on “Krasbeans and other units of measurement

  1. I’m so glad you finally posted! I am so happy for you guys!! Horris and Borris will only be one grade behind Theo in school, so that will be great. Marshall and Elin will Lord over all the littles I’m sure 😁


  2. YAY!!!!! Enjoyed all those posts at once. I was wondering what you were doing between midnight and 4 am, now I know.


  3. Congratulations! We’ve been thinking about you guys and are happy to hear that things are still moving in a positive direction.


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