Trip Recap

We had yet another delay once arriving in Denver when getting our rental car.  Apparently, there were millions of recalls, so we were supposed to sit in a five hour line. Luckily, I was not in lunatic mode any longer and had my bearings about me.  I signed up for their loyalty program, told the manager I forgot to book my reservation as such and was escorted to their other line (with three people in it) for their loyalty reward members.

After a fun-filled weekend and a flight delay on the way home, we got to Columbia at 3:something in the AM on Tuesday. It was a rough day for both of us at work, needless to say.

We played some card games in the airport so it was not so bad, thanks to my purse cards. Next time I’m hesitant to switch to a bigger purse, I shall remember things like purse cards and kids’ toys. 😆

I was notified yesterday that my refund was approved, so that’s a step, as well.

In Colorado, we hung out with my parents, and James, Carla, and Arlo. It was lovely and truly beautiful. Arlo has an interesting take on mini-golf. After you put the ball down to putt, he removes it from the green and transports it to the hole. Every hole is a hole in one. I’m thankful that James and Carla do such a good job talking about us so that we are never forgotten even though we don’t see them nearly enough.

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