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Fearfully forging forward….

I’ve been sort of paralyzed with fear. I google everything I put into my mouth and I’m just so anxious to see our babies on Tuesday.

The spotting either has subsided or it was truly due to me sticking the suppositories too far up. If that’s the case, I really caused myself a lot of undue emotional distress.

How do I feel? Tired still. Emotional. My feelings got hurt three times today which really doesn’t usually happen. I watched an episode of parks and recreation and bawled when Tom said he’s Babyface (alluding to the potential that was as of yet untapped). Newly, I’m getting dizzy a lot. Again, I’m drinking SO. MUCH. WATER. So I have a hard time believing it’s from dehydration.

We’re going to several other big family things this weekend and I don’t know if I’m supposed to tell people or what. It’s so weird with doing a blog and IVF, it’s hard to wait until it’s safe. (I realize both my blog and my IVF are by choice.) I guess I’ll just see if anyone asks or says anything.

It’s also Ms. Fiona’s first birthday party on Sunday! So, we’ve got lots of fun things.

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