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How many sticks does it take?

The spotting had continued since Monday and man, it sucks. I took a pregnancy test last night again and was worried bc the one of the lines seemed light. Recently, I’ve been getting the hours between 1-4 am to myself, blissfully awake with only the internet to keep me entertained. So I’ve read about everything the spotting can be. While most research does indicate the color and quantity is fine, it’s still scary. I did deduce that the line that was light was the control line bc my levels were high enough to pull the dye into the “pregnant” line. That being said, this morning, promptly at 7, I called the doctor and demanded (or asked) for another blood draw. They said sure, so I pulled my greasy hair back, threw on a dress and drove.

When I got there, I was greeted with a smile and a new nurse came to get me. I asked her name and introduced myself while smiling through tears. She then tried to draw my blood, but my veins were rolling around (their terminology). After messing with it for a while, she tried again. And again. Then, she got M who was able to do it on the first try. I felt awful for her bc she was so apologetic. I’m a pretty low maintenance patient so I was happy this happened on me instead of someone else. I talked to M for a while and she talked me down, so to speak. Today, I’ve been very careful not to shove my suppositories too far up there so as not to irritate my cervix. That has, thus far, seemed to help.

After what seemed like forever, I got my blood work back and I am relieved to report that my HCG was at 10,997. So, I’m ahead of my curve on doubling. Based on my previous tests and the time that has passed, anything at or over 3,000 would have been fine. I feel much better. Over 10,000 means that their hearts are beating, so I’m so happy for them.

Six more sleeps until we get to see our babies.

It can’t come soon enough.

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