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5 weeks

Only one week and one day until we get to see our babies.

So far, I’m tired and maybe recently hormonal. I’ve been very emotional today and yesterday just due to fear. It’s so hard having no control over what happens, other than taking the best care of myself I can. Food still isn’t sounding good, but I’m forcing down three meals a day to make sure to nourish these babies.

I’ve lost 4 pounds thus far. I’m looking forward to being ravenous. Don’t kill me if I take that back in 6 months.

I’ve gotten all the way though What to Expect when you’re Expecting and am looking for other books.

We’ve told our parents, some family, and close friends that we couldn’t get away with hiding the truth until it was “safe.” I don’t think I’ll ever feel safe and relaxed. I just want these babies that we’ve worked and hoped so hard for to grow and grow!

The size of orange seeds, their hearts should begin to beat this week. Hopefully visible on the ultrasound next week, these little guys are developing quickly and aggressively, I hope!

My face continues to have a glow aka a teenage breakout, but that seems to be normal if I had hormonal breakouts (which I did), so I guess I’ll get used to it. 🤩😊

I don’t know when I’m going to post these. Seems kind of odd to wait too long, but it will take the fun out of getting to tell people. I’ve got 7 full sharps containers of making this baby and I want to bask in my news a bit longer.

One thought on “5 weeks

  1. I really liked Expecting Better By Emily Oster. So much acquired knowledge I’ll never use but nonetheless, I found it helpful for understanding the research behind a lot of the common “rules” for pregnancy in the US.


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