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I said to Justin last week that if I wasn’t pregnant, we should do some blood testing for the reason I’m so tired. I’m elated that I’m pregnant and it makes me feel so much better about myself for being tired. I’m not being lazy, my body is working on creating humans, so it’s all good.

I’m still having weird pulling and cramping that’s light, but noticeable. It is both comforting and terrifying at the same time, but I think I need to get used to that.

I can smell everything and hear nothing. I’m a little congested which also comforts me since I tied this to an increase in estrogen on my last round of stims. It’s mainly in the morning and doesn’t bother me, so I’m happy for any and all signs of pregnancy.

My food intake is fine. I’m forcing myself to eat 3 meals each day which is not a normal habit for me. Nothing sounds good, but I don’t feel nauseous really. I could smell Zeppelin’s dog food from the other room last night and about gagged but that’s just due to the smell. Mexican always sounds good, but there’s only so many times per week that I can get someone to go with me. 😂😂

Also, at work today it smelled like rotten cookies. Turns out it was someone’s protein powder but that was a tough smell for me, as well. I got far away from it as quickly as I could.

We are on the road to the Celebration of Life for Justin’s grandparents. They both passed away, so the whole family is getting together at a lodge type thing (http://www.pmlodge.net). We are excited to see everyone!


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