BFP · Results

4 weeks, 2 days

Gestational ages are a weird thing.  Even though I know exactly the day I got pregnant, I still have to account for the random two weeks in my cycle where nothing happened.

So, my egg retrieval was on 6/18 and my babies were transferred on 6/22 at 5 days old.  I found out I was pregnant when they were 14 days old (9dp (days past) 5dt (day transfer)).  This morning, on the 4th of July after very little sleep, I went in for a blood draw to make sure my HCG was doubling.  At this point in my pregnancy, my HCG levels are supposed to double every 48-72 hours.  My first beta HCG was 108, so I was looking for anything above 216 today to ensure things were going as planned.  My spotting has stopped, I think, but I still feel weird cramps and “feelings” every so often.  I’m very tired, but that is probably augmented by the lack of caffeine.

At 10:55 AM, I got the call, somehow more nervous for this one than the previous. They rip off the bandaid and again say “I have some good news! Your HCG is 267.” So, it’s doubling appropriately. Now what? I wait.  My first ultrasound is on 7/17, the day before Justin’s birthday.  Hopefully we get to see our babies at that point.  I say babies, why? My numbers are not an average multiple beta and do seem to indicate a single baby, but at this point, I’m not giving up that the embryos we transferred held on tightly.

Just under two weeks until we hopefully get to see our healthy babies. For now, I’m enjoying being pregnant and trying to stay relaxed and calm.  My body will, hopefully, do its job and nourish these babies like there’s no tomorrow.

Justin and I are both still in shock, I think.  We didn’t practice what would happen if this worked, so we are very truly organically in the moment.  He kisses my belly multiple times per day and has been very understanding of my exhaustion.


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