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Placenta x 2 = Double the Hormones (otherwise known as my first breakdown)

This morning, we woke up before 4:00 AM to depart Columbia at 6:00 to go to Estes Park, by way of Denver to meet my family for a long weekend. The airport in Columbia is tiny, with one security line. They ask you to get there an hour early in order to have time. Today,… Continue reading Placenta x 2 = Double the Hormones (otherwise known as my first breakdown)

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6w1d and our first ultrasound

Today marked my LONG wait and just over two weeks since I was confirmed pregnant. We went in this morning and they took my blood pressure and weight prior to walking me in.  This was another vaginal ultrasound (like I'm used to) since it's so early. My blood pressure was surprisingly normal and I'm still… Continue reading 6w1d and our first ultrasound

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How many sticks does it take?

The spotting had continued since Monday and man, it sucks. I took a pregnancy test last night again and was worried bc the one of the lines seemed light. Recently, I've been getting the hours between 1-4 am to myself, blissfully awake with only the internet to keep me entertained. So I've read about everything… Continue reading How many sticks does it take?