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Excursions and Embryos

Hello and welcome to the first blog of the rest of your life!

It’s Wednesday and this waiting is killing me! I’m not wishing away time, by any means, but goodness, it’s not a pleasant wait.  It’s hard not to “symptom spot” as my friend called it, but I’m avoiding it as much as I can (which I can’t). Every little feeling is chronicled, analyzed, and googled.  Surprise! Every google result says I’m either about to start my period OR I’m pregnant. So, it’s pretty much the same as when you have a headache. It’s either that you have a headache and you’re fine OR you’re dying of an inoperable brain tumor.

I feel really, really positive about this which makes the waiting slightly easier.  I’m concerned with every twinge, tweak, cramp, and facial breakout, but again, it could go either way. I’m on thrice daily vaginal progesterone suppositories which are SO lovely, but I’ve managed to memorize the packaging and I find it to be quite humorous. It reads “Store at 20-25 degrees celsius; Excursions permitted between 15-30 degrees.”  So, now, I keep imagining these little guys coming to life and going on an excursion in the Magic School Bus through my vagina or perhaps visiting Vegas… maybe they all have different personalities and trip choices.  Anyway, the wording is extremely funny to me, so I get a little giggle each time I have to use them.

I’m ecstatic to report that we have two frozen embabies waiting for us! We were both truly in complete shock when we heard.  This round has really been an indicator – for us – that we were correct in pushing forward.  The hope would be that we are able to start our family with this round and then have those babies waiting for us in the future.  Only time will tell!

A blogfriend of mine had donated some of her meds to me this cycle after her successful TWIN cycle, so I’m hoping it’s the best of luck.  I was so thankful to her for this kind gesture and hope that I will be able to pass it on in some way.  One thing I’ll say is that the TTC (trying to conceive) community is just that: a community.  Everyone with whom I’ve interacted has been supportive and helpful, not to mention empathetic in a way that’s difficult to be when you haven’t had the experience.

This week, I wish/hope/pray for these babies to grow strong inside of me and for patience  in waiting for our results.  I’ve continued to hold strong on not testing and think it really is an awful idea this cycle. Calculating the half-life of my trigger, it won’t be fully out until Sunday night? And then, what’s the point anyway?!  A false positive would hurt 100000000x more than a negative test, so I’m going to continue steadfast in this conviction.

We have such a busy July coming up that should be exciting!  Going out of town for the next six weekends, I think, so also very busy.  (I hope there aren’t localized robbers reading this.).  We’re fairly close this weekend, but next weekend we go to IL for a Celebration of Life for both of Justin’s grandparents, then go to STL for Miss Fiona’s first birthday party, then to Colorado with my parents, brother, SIL, and sweet nephew!

Cheers (someone have some wine for me!) & love!


5 thoughts on “Excursions and Embryos

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    Love you guys so much and praying this is the cycle that changes your lives forever. 😘

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