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Changing plans and finding peace

On Tuesday, at 9:00 AM, I got my fertilization report of our babies.  The immature egg didn’t mature, the two that were immediately useless were useless, but FIVE of our SIX mature eggs fertilized normally.  I then had to wait until Thursday for our Day 3 update, all while keeping in mind the decisions that were coming up.  Perks (??) of having this blog is that you all know what my initial plans were, too.  Egg banking cycles, all with genetic testing, she said with conviction.  Well, “life is what happens when you’re busy making plans,” or something like that.  So, we were open to doing any option. We were very much looking for answers in the next few days.  For whatever reason, I was significantly more relaxed at this juncture than I had at any previous.  I looked forward to a day 3 report on the 21st, as well as my first hair appointment in 11 months….

Tuesday evening, we enjoyed Taco Tuesday and our small victory. Wednesday came and went, without incident.  On Thursday, I received the call early in the day that all 5 of our em-babies were still growing. At this point, they want to see the embryos at 8 cells and graded at the top grade (1).  We had three grade 1s (two 8-cell and 1 10-cell) and two grade 2s (both at 8 cells).  I was ecstatic.  Though I had to cancel my hair appointment due to some unexpected events, I was thankful to get this news.  I also think at this point, the universe doesn’t want me to get my hair done.  We will see.

At this point, we had a couple of conversations – what we were thinking in regards to a fresh transfer, if they would be able to test half the embryos and transfer a couple, advantages of transferring one, two, more than two, etc. We ended the conversation with the knowledge that we would definitely be open to a fresh transfer if that’s the option that presented itself.  My body is probably most ready to receive and home an embryo and I would be remiss if I didn’t consider that. There are other feelings and thoughts involved with this that I’ll write about after this cycle’s resolution.

Yesterday, as I was getting ready for a birthday party, I got the call with the report.  After reviewing the results and discussing, we decided to proceed with a fresh transfer at 11:00 AM yesterday.  The transfer went as well as it could; there was more discussion of my weird cervix which is always fun.  Rather than McDonald’s, I had salsa as my post-transfer meal.  We’ve been catching up on some shows and enjoying the weekend as I’ve been on bed rest.  Hopefully, 7/3 will be a good day for us.  It’s interesting because I can’t test at home as easily this time.  Not sure if I even confessed to the blog that I tested last time, but I did. This time, I triggered with HCG for my retrieval, so I would have to test every single day to monitor when the HCG tested out.  So, that’s not on my agenda.

And now we wait. Both for a Monday report of possible remaining embryo(s) and for the results.

For now, we are hoping these are our sticky babies and that they get cozy for the next 39 weeks.

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