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Silent letters, slurs, uncertainty, and other things I dislike!

I was trying to decide where we were going to eat last night and I came across the word lamb which reminded me of my severe disdain for silent letters. They’re pointless and just make the English language harder for people. I also don’t like slurs, but that’s no surprise to anyone who knows me.  Which brings us to the big one – uncertainty.  I went to my appointment this AM with a positive attitude and a smile.  I hiked up my dress and took off my confusing shoes to mount the table.  Both DRW and M came in to assess the situation.  This was one of those appointments where someone is jamming on my stomach as the other is directing the ultrasound and trying to find the destination in my twisted, scarred reproductive system.

They found at least four follicles that are still presenting appropriately with another possible one or two that exist.  Phew. I am so thankful. Then, they switched the goal to examining my lining and it looked AMAZING. At the appointment, they stated we were shooting for a Sunday retrieval, but that would depend on my blood work.  They also posed an interesting question about the PGS testing. Was I sure? Do I really want to do PGS testing if my lining is the best it’s ever been for transfer (a fresh transfer).

I patiently awaited my blood work and tried to decide what I would do if faced with the choice. Finally, late in the afternoon, I got it back and it was just under 700. I’m happy to report that I’m exceeding my first cycle’s numbers. So, egg retrieval will be Monday morning, bright and early! As far as fresh vs. frozen and whether or not we will continue with the genetic testing plan, I don’t know.

I’m going to take this step as it comes and hope like hell for an extraordinary amount of healthy embryos.

I did my last stimming shot last night and Justin will do my trigger shot tonight.

Happy Father’s Day weekend to everyone! Maybe next year, Justin will be able to participate.


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