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Buying Needles Over the Counter (and other things that piss me off while on an excessive amount of hormones)

I ran out of needles last night for my Lupron. I should have known earlier, but I did the thing that Justin loves where I forget six things and remember them incrementally as I arrive home from the previous errand. It only happens when I’m on these damn drugs, so I think he does think it’s funny. Normally, I’m extremely organized and have little patience for forgetfulness. Anyway, it’s Sunday evening and we’ve been on the go all day, so I go to Hy-Vee where I had previously purchased needles, knowing they might have them.

Well. This experience was significantly different than my previous experience and while in my heart of hearts, I understand that not all people use needles for fertility drugs or insulin, I was very unhappy with the way it went down.  I asked the pharmacy for needles, showing them my previous needle for reference on gauge.  The tech looked for a while and then proceeded to tell me that they didn’t have the same gauge. Fine. Great. I don’t care, I’ll take the smaller gauge. This is a thin injection, so it’s not something that’s important for the needle to be large.  Previously, they sold me bags of them (each bag containing 10), but I guess an exception was made.

I asked if it was possible to just have 10 as I didn’t want to get the incorrectly gauged needle in quantities of 160!!! Seems needless to spend the money and since there were clearly boxes open where they were sold by the bag, it seemed reasonable. The pharmacist/manager then came up to me and started grilling me. Why am I getting needles? Why don’t I need a full box? Can I not afford it? Am I really using the needles for what I’m saying I am? They can’t give me a bag unless it’s accompanied by an insulin prescription.  Well, Hy-Vee, you don’t carry fertility meds, so I can’t give you my prescription. So, then, he suggests the only needles they sell by the 10 pack.  They’re gauged significantly higher (BIGGER NEEDLE) than the ones I need.

I get them because at this point, I’m almost in tears because I’m so fucking frustrated. It’s not that fun being hopped up on hormones and again, while I understand that not everyone uses needles for good, it was a really terrible experience. So, for the past two evenings, I’ve had to literally get a running start to stab my stomach with these needles. It’s on my list for tomorrow to get the right size, so hopefully this is fleeting.

This morning, I had another ultrasound and blood work. The ultrasound was actually fairly positive (for me)!! I have 4-5 follicles growing on one side and MAYBE one on the other.  That being said, my estrogen isn’t quite rising like I would like – it’s at 104 which has doubled since Friday, but it’s not where it was last time. So – more meds and another appointment on Wednesday! Hopefully, everything keeps growing!!

In other news, I am trying a new workout regimen which has been a challenge. I’m not great at working out. 😉 Justin is still enjoying his new job and is doing well. Zeppelin’s thyroid is seemingly back on track and he’s growing all his hair back (plus more) and continues looking more svelte by the day.

My “garden” is doing well. I’ve got tomatoes and peppers growing and my herbs (basil, cilantro/coriander (same plant), and parsley) are delicious. I give Justin a pitch on organic vegetables and herbs every night. I don’t think it gets old, but instead gets funnier each time I say it.

Tonight, I’m hoping to finish my mom’s new published book which is deliciously enthralling.


Cheers & Love.

6 thoughts on “Buying Needles Over the Counter (and other things that piss me off while on an excessive amount of hormones)

  1. Annie, even though I have read all you have written, I still can’t really fathom what you are experiencing!! I cringe, laugh, pray. For what it’s worth, I’m on your side!!!

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  2. Annie! I’m not sure what’s going on with my email notifications looks like I missed some posts! Anyway, I’m terribly sorry about your experience at the store that is so so frustrating and just annoying!

    It was “kid Sunday” at Wrigley and they wouldn’t give me the stupid plastic microphone (for Liam) because I didn’t have the kid with me & wasn’t 13<! I pleaded, I said he was there and upset….asked the other 2 girls handing them out. Still no, I legit had tears in my eyes. SO give yourself a pat on the pack for how you handle yourself everyday and continue to move fwd! And just imagine me running around crying and yelling at people! ❤️💕😍


  3. Oh Annie, i love you. You are an amazing woman and clearly also a great writer. Now i see it’s in the genes 😂. Looking forward to continued good news.


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