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Here I go again (and other lessons from the famed musical group Whitesnake)

Today, I went to see DRW and M for my baseline ultrasound.  I always feel entirely too cheery for their first appointment at 7:00 AM.  I like to schedule them as early as possible so that they don’t interfere with my workday.  I open their office door with a huge “good morning” and – without fail – seem to scare them each time.

After the meds bill last week (when you’re on 2.5x what “normal” people are on, that shit gets really expensive by itself), I forgot momentarily that I would have another large payment due.  So, they reminded me that I owed them tens of thousands of dollars for the retrieval, hopefully transfer (in the future), and the genetic testing of our beautiful babies that result from this retrieval. It was their own jarring wake-up call for me.

As you’re all patiently waiting for the other reference to Whitesnake, I’m sure you’re expecting something graceful and without a reference to my vagina.  You are incorrect.  So, as I lay back, the ultrasound wand was inserted into my birth canal (Slide it in).  I’d link to a video, but it’s an awful song and I don’t want to put you through that.

They measured my persistent endometrioma that can’t be removed and took a look at things. They gave me the okay to start my stims and advised me to schedule an appointment for Friday.  I am still continuing my other injection to insure that my progesterone doesn’t rise too quickly.


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