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Unsavory Side Effects

I feel like I’ve mainly stuck to the unpleasant, yet things that everyone is fine talking about side effects up until this point.  Today, as I’m at work explaining to one of my dear friends why she can’t do something, I realize that the sweat has started.  I start getting really sweaty and don’t smell the best.  Now, you may not know this or care to know this about me, but I’m not a sweat-er and I really don’t smell very much.  Except once I start getting real deep in these hormones.  Then it starts to get weird.  So, please forgive me that now, the hormones are accompanied by the depths of summer on May 30. Thanks to that friend for reminding me with a statement of exasperation – How could you forget this?  I don’t know. I forget it all, even though I remember.

As long as we’re on the topic of shitty (get ready for the back facing pun x2) side effects: constipation. (Shitty and back facing were the funny parts.) I really feel for women who can actually produce a large number of eggs because then, not only are you supersized ever more from the sweet follicles, you are constipated and bloated! It is quite an adventure. It’s a shame that the side effects can’t be weight loss, clear skin, and a higher production of seratonin.

Anyway. Life as an infertile.


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