My Special Kind of Crazy

Everyone has their quirks and is super specifically them. The exception to this are people who don’t embrace their personalities and I feel sad for that.  I enjoy people, no matter how different they are from me. So, by the previous assertion, I’m “super specifically myself.” And that, I am.

Love languages are slightly enthralling to me. To understand how to best love others is a wonderful tool and allows a more complete comprehension of their psyche.  While I believe some liberties need to be taken with their clinical descriptors, they’re for the most part, correct.  (**You see what I did there? That’s specifically me. Giving validity to something that’s been studied over and over. But, you know, if I don’t agree, it’s probably not right.)

  • Receiving Gifts
  • Quality Time
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Acts of Service (Devotion)
  • Physical Touch

According to this line of thought, everyone has a primary love language and a secondary love language. It also states that most people give love in the same way they prefer to receive.  In my anthropological studies of the human race, I don’t find this to be universally true. That’s neither here nor there, and it’s really not the point of this post.

Self-worth is defined many ways for different people.  I need some wins to be me.  I enjoy very much being right, but perhaps like being wrong more because it allows me the opportunity to learn and educate others.

I used to love to do J’s homework when I had graduated and he was in school. To me, there’s nothing like cause and effect of positive work – I do something, get an A and am rewarded. Success!  This becomes harder and harder throughout adulthood.  Well-defined wins don’t exist, yet losses seem more excruciatingly prominent.

So.  I found myself thinking about advice columns and writing in as “Desperately Seeking Wins” and role-played what I would tell myself.  Thank God my imagination hasn’t dulled in my 31 years.   As a result, tonight you can find me putting together IKEA furniture tonight for a sweet little boy’s third birthday. The directions are vague, at best, and suggest pictorially that only men can do it. The perfect motivation.

Cheers to a win in the successful completion of this project!

Forever yours,

Desperately Seeking Wins

3 thoughts on “My Special Kind of Crazy

  1. I trust you were successful with the IKEA construction. I too always enjoyed the rewards of homework/studying but Annie….I cannot believe you did Justin’s homework for him.


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