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Homecoming (FET)

Yesterday, I went to work until 12, then went to acupuncture at 2. Acupuncture was not as relaxing as it normally was simply due to the anticipation of what was to come.

After acupuncture, I chugged 48 oz of water and met J at home to go to our transfer. The 48 oz of water may have been a bit of an overcommitment because I felt on the verve of peeing in the car on the way to the doctor.

We got there and were escorted to the auditorium where we were given a picture of our two little beauties; one, a hatching blastocyst and one who is an expanding blastocyst.  I got into a hospital gown while keeping my socks on and J put on his surgical hat, mask, and booties.

I then got in position on the chair and they explained the procedure to me.  They would raise me up and tilt me back to relieve some of the pressure on my bladder.  Then, I would feel warm, scratchy things (sterile gauze and cleaning solution), then I would feel the speculum, then the pressure from the catheter.  I held J’s hand throughout this and watched him watch the ultrasound machine.  As the catheter was going in, they said “Two minutes, xx” giving the indicator to the embryologist (my babies’ first babysitter) that we were two minutes from being ready to transfer them.

The magic words were then said: “We’re ready.”  The two embryos were then placed in my uterus, guided by an ultrasound for the most optimal place.  I could not open my eyes, but was focusing on ultimate relaxation and calmness for them upon arrival.  Then, as quick as it began, it was over.  They take the catheter out and rinse it six times (or something like that) to ensure that no stubborn embryos tried to jump out.  Thankfully, they both remained snuggled where they are supposed to be.  They then left us for a bit.  During that time, I held both J’s hand and the picture of our babies.  We shared some words and enjoyed some alone time.

We got McDonald’s fries on the way home (old wives tale) and I’ve been enjoying the day relaxing, talking to the new people sharing my womb, and thinking positive thoughts.  I hope that they’re making that house a home and getting ready for the next 40 weeks.  We are praying, hoping, wishing, etc. for their successful implantation.  My blood test is a week from tomorrow, our 4 year anniversary, May 3.

For now, I’m pregnant.


8 thoughts on “Homecoming (FET)

  1. My dearest, I fought tears as I read this and lost. I so want this to happen for you. But whatever happens we hold you and Justin in our loving hearts.


    1. I love what your Mom said. I feel the exact same way. Sending the biggest hugs and love to you guys and your beautiful bebies.


    1. This is amazing and has been my happy thought all week. We do a grow, grow, grow! Chat with Arlo every night. We had to take out the “eggs” part because he kept running to the kitchen and whining for eggs. But I guess they’re not eggs anymore after all??? So happy for you both…


  2. So I realized that maybe my dream last week wasn’t about your nephew, maybe it was about YOUR baby! I have in many cases accurately dreamed the future 😘


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