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It’s the final countdown…

I’m pretty sure I had a different title picked out yesterday and it felt more inventive.  Perhaps I’ll think of it in a bit.  Yesterday, at 7:45 AM sharp (well, who are we kidding, I was there 15 minutes prior), I went in to the doctor.  I read a magazine and caught up on some high quality internet (a video of a gorilla kissing her newborn baby).

After a couple minutes, I was called back to assume the position (pants down, legs up).  I always have a second to wonder how many vaginas the ultrasound wand has entered; it certainly sees more action than Wilt Chamberlain did – maybe.  Of course the wand is sheathed with a condom prior to insertion, but none the less, it’s an interesting math problem to consider.  Also, it’s odd how quickly I get undressed – as though I’m fearful of them catching me in the act. Since they will see me in a much more precarious position when I’m on the table, I suppose I should take my time, but it’s difficult to go against your instinctual want to hurry.

The lights were then turned down low, the Marvin Gaye started in the background and the ultrasound wand was inserted.  Seconds after insertion by M, DRW came in to view the results.  It was all very exciting. I certainly felt celebrated at that moment – more so than I have in years.  There were movie quotes from Clint Eastwood in Sudden Impact that I didn’t quite get the references to and a lot of jovial noises all around.  Then, we discussed the ultrasound – the lining was about 9 MM and had the trilaminar appearance that is important structurally.  See below for a picture of my uterus – the three lines are circled for your viewing convenience. It’s not the best picture because I didn’t get the close-up (I sneak pictures after we’re done.  I’m sure I could probably just ask, but for whatever reason, I haven’t yet.) Ignore the constant cysts that are impeding upon my reproductive system. IMG_8494

So, I started Progesterone in Oil shots last night (intramuscular, just like the Estrogen I’m on) and the vaginal suppositories.  I’m thrilled to report that my transfer is Tuesday at 4:30 PM.  I have my last acupuncture appointment before transfer that day at 2:15 PM to reinforce both lining and blood flow. We will be transferring both of our sweet little embryos and then we will wait.  I will come in with a medium to full bladder and the process will be fairly quick. As I’ve never gotten to this step before, I’m certain there will be surprises which I will be sure to report.  After the transfer, I’ll get a small McDonald’s fry (superstition) and will be on bed rest for the next day or two.  I will be focused on remaining as stress-free as possible during that time and giving those babies all the love I can.

My beta is on May 3, J’s & my four year anniversary of marriage.  I know I’m not supposed to test during the wait, but I also know myself, so I can’t tell you what I’m going to do.  I would be forever grateful for your prayers, positive vibes, energy, or whatever it is you do.

So, side effects. I kind of expected this to be a breeze because everything I read stated that the egg retrieval meds are the hard part and preparing for an FET (frozen embryo transfer) is much easier on your body. I have not had that experience – perhaps because I couldn’t grow very many eggs so it wasn’t as bad for me.  As far as side effects, I’ve got the normal headaches, but I’ve been extremely nauseous for about a week and incredibly exhausted.  Very interesting to see how your body responds to different stimuli.  I’m certainly happy to experience it and welcome any and all side effects.

So, we are on the road to Iowa now for my sweet nephew’s birthday and are anxiously awaiting Tuesday when my babies come home.

**I did not remember the previous title.**


6 thoughts on “It’s the final countdown…

  1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    I’m so excited for you guys. Praying sending the most positive vibes out to this Universe that all will go as planned and those babies will implant and thrive!

    Sending you all of my love!! 😍😍😍

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  2. Anne,

    So very exciting! I went to the movies with Matt tonight and saw two little ladies (old, no lie maybe 85) they were having a grand ol time sipping wine and watching the television. I couldn’t help but think that would be us one day, chatting about life and of course our children! I love you so much and I’m elated that WE (you and J …me) are one step closer. I love you so very much! I think I’ll get a fry on Tuesday too in solidarity!


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