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Anniversaries: the chosen birthdays

I’ve always had a knack for dates. Whenever I believe something important is happening, I take a mental picture of that moment. That mind photo – more often than not – is time stamped.

Anniversaries are very important to me. They commemorate a time when you purposefully chose to do something, to enter a new birth or a renaissance (love you, Dad). Consider it for a moment: Your birthday is unchosen, but work anniversaries, relationship anniversaries, the anniversary of that time where I liked lobster – they all signify a time that YOU have marked as changing your life. So, celebrating these times is important and I will continue to celebrate as many anniversaries as people will tolerate.

A year ago today, I started this blog to keep friends and family up on “our journey to birth a child.” It has certainly been a year full of unexpected obstacles that keep life interesting.

I’m happy to report that today’s appointment went well! My lining isn’t thick af yet, but she’s growing like a champ. I go back on Thursday and increase the frequency of my estrogen injections beginning this evening. On Thursday, we will hopefully confirm my transfer time for Tuesday and add progesterone in oil injections as well as a vaginal suppository.

I’ve been continuing weekly acupuncture which has been great, I highly recommend it.

This weekend, we’re headed to Iowa to visit with my wondrous nephew for his second birthday!


7 thoughts on “Anniversaries: the chosen birthdays

  1. Great great news! I love you! Also the time I was apparently in the hospital on your birthday! What ….a time I didn’t know you!? I’m glad that doesn’t exist anymore! Happy birthday baby A, enjoy your weekend!


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