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Happy 100th blog post to me!

Spoiler alert: tomorrow is my one year anniversary of the blog.  Hopefully, I’ll have good news to report. Tomorrow is my check to see if my lining is cooperating for a 4/24 transfer.  We are hopeful that it will be our month to get pregnant.

The meds have been fine! Warming the injection site for the oil, as well as the oil did make it slightly easier, but I’ve opted to just jam it in most nights. Side effects are fine – my butt is sore, I have headaches, and my boobs are sore, but overall, it ain’t no thang! Physical side effects don’t really bother me most of the time except when the headaches become overwhelming; the mental game – for me – is a lot more challenging.

At the home front we’ve been, yet again, tossing around the idea of moving. We’ll see. We switched internet providers and got fiber.  I got to experience the installation on Monday which was quite the adventure. My installer started a survivalist club and spends most of his time on that. He gave me ten ways to start fires and helped me with some tips! We also discussed the devil and murder for what felt like too long, but I came out of the installation with more knowledge than I had previously, so it felt like a good overall encounter. I’m happy to report that after a couple new routers and some additional help, my internet now works and is better than it’s ever been. We can stream movies with no issue and J can play his games. I’m very thankful to not have to play the “at least it’s not dial-up game” anymore.

We’ve been watching a bird build her nest in our light on the patio.img_8454

She has trouble getting in and out due to the small space.

Today, it’s snowing for the third Sunday in a row and J & I are planning to solve the Biggie and Tupac murders, then play some chess.


Wish me luck tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “C-Note

  1. Wow, so much information in this post. Is that cuz your celebrating 100 posts? Let me know about Tupac and Biggie and your visit tomorrow. Love you Annie and J.


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