When do you become what you are?

Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.

An excerpt from one of my favorite quotes, it’s something that is frequently on my mind. With the political, economic, and social climate how it is – diverse and combative, it’s common for most to choose a side and defend it without abandon. After doing so, many people become impermeable to the others. Who ever the others actually are – they could be friends or family, but they seem to become a version of enemy when their views don’t align with what you so fiercely believe.

You do define yourself, however. Yes, your beliefs are important and in most cases, the cornerstone of your identity, but relationships are more important. Relationships and experiences are how you form your beliefs. It’s important for your beliefs to be challenged and for you to be open to that challenge. You don’t have to change your mind, but a greater level of comprehension and growth will come from being capable and open to understanding other sides – and other people.

Evolution and growth are not things of which to be ashamed – changing your beliefs over time is an absolutely necessary part of life. When we become impermeable to anything but our own thoughts, we become stagnant. Becoming stagnant is boring; you must strive to live within your own story, accepting all that is and making it the best story it can be.

Happy Easter Weekend. I wish you all love and happiness!


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