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Operation Build-A-Womb: Part 2

A couple days ago, I got my new calendar!  It is my seventh blue folder and I’m hoping the last (for now, at least). IMG_8165.jpg I then spent some time reveling in the practice of precisely writing my medicine and appointment schedule down and making new countdowns in my three planners.  It’s not very cute anymore since the remnants of last month’s episode are now blacked out in Sharpie, but it’s exciting to have a new date to hopefully transfer our sweet babies.  April 24th. This time, my Beta day (HCG blood test, when doctor confirms you are/are not with child) is on May 3rd – J’s and my four year wedding anniversary.  I’m hopeful this is a good sign!

It’s amazing how fast IVF can go for people and I’m so grateful when I get to witness it.  I’ve had two people recently go through it and it happens as it should – one round of meds, eggs galore, retrieval, and fresh transfer with embryos to freeze!  The hardest part is still to go (waiting on the test), but I have a good feeling about them. Seeing them experience it also continues to give me hope.

I am really trying to be thankful for the experience that I’ve had so far.  Truthfully, I spend a fair amount of time being very angry at my body.  I can’t believe that no matter how hard I “try,” I won’t be guaranteed a positive outcome and I can’t believe I couldn’t do this without help.  I’m just very mad at myself and feel very “less than.”  These persistent feelings have been harder to shake than normal, but I am confident that it will all be worth it and I will learn immeasurable lessons from this experience that I can pass down to my 10 future children.

Alright. Enough of the dramatics, I suppose.

So, what’s different this time? I’ve been eating pineapple core for over a month now, so I’m getting my bromelain at the very least.  The most major change to my protocol is that I will be on injections of Estrogen since my body is apparently estrogen-resistant.  I start on April 5th (coincidentally what was supposed to be the day that I found out if they implanted) and I am very much looking forward to it.  Another thing that’s different – acupuncture.  I had my first acupuncture appointment and will be seeing her once weekly until transfer, then immediately following, I believe.

I didn’t know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. I’m pretty sure J thought I was going to a gypsy’s home to traipse around in floor length dresses and dance prior, as he was flabbergasted when I told him it was in a large medical building in town. The waiting room was very nice – well lit with comfortable chairs and pleasant “earthy” decorations.  The acupuncturist was lovely. I had the opportunity to speak with her for a consultation prior where we went over my medical history and my current treatment. She specializes in infertility treatment and works both  alone and with the REs in town.  Well-versed in both IVF and endometriosis, I felt calm immediately and at least knew that she was experienced in her craft.

The experience starts with a discussion, both about the physical happenings in my body, as well as my mental state and stress level.  Then, I laid down – face up – on essentially a heated massage table.  She asked if I was scared of needles and if I wanted to see them.  I am very thankful needles don’t bother me as this experience as a whole would be MUCH more difficult if that were the case.  These needles were wispy and fluttery, much like a butterfly’s wings. She then started placing them.  I’m not sure if I can remember in perfect detail, but I think the placements were as follows:

  • One in each ear (weird feeling)
  • One in middle of forehead (did not feel whatsoever)
  • Two in left arm (tingled slightly)
  • One in left hand (felt like the IV after effects, sort of a dull sensation)
  • Three in each leg (the one on the outside of my right calf was the strangest feeling out of all of them)
  • One in my left foot (same feeling as the hand)
  • Three in my lower abdomen (felt warm)

She then placed a heat lamp on my feet because she noticed they were cold and told me to relax and wait 30 minutes.  She gave me a “call button,” turned off the lights and left me to linger.  If you’ve read my Floating post, you may think that it was an awful idea for me to lay on a table like a porcupine in the dark for 30 minutes, and prior to the experience, I would have agreed with you.  That being said, I did not have that experience.  It was extremely relaxing.  I fell into that stage of conscious sleep that is one of my favorite experiences.   After the 30 minutes was up, she took the needles out and we debriefed.  She also put some herbal remedies on the bruises that adorn my body like spots on a Dalmatian.

So, additional acupuncture on 4/2, vaginal review on 4/5, and homemade acupuncture starting 4/5, as well!


6 thoughts on “Operation Build-A-Womb: Part 2

  1. I love reading your updates. Maybe you’ll be finding out your pregnant about the time Theodore is born. May is going to be an exciting month!

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  2. I hope this turns out to be THE transfer cycle for you! You have been so patient! I’ve never had a cancelled cycle, but I have done the exact same protocol (natural) 3 times in a row, and regret that I didn’t cancel and hold out for a thicker lining, as I really think that makes a huge difference.

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  3. Sounds like a great experience. You haven’t been able to say that very often in your journey. Love you. Still praying for you guys everyday.


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