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Every day is a winding road…

Ever notice how some tv shows, in an effort to be trendy, name their episodes after a song, allude to the title in some obscure way and call it a masterpiece? It’s usually dramatically vague enough to tie into any hospital day and make some semblance of sense. Maybe I’ll start doing that with these blog postings. So, since Sheryl Crow went to MU, I’ll start with her.

If you were thinking to yourself that I was a bit too optimistic, you may have been right. My lining was non-existent and the FET was cancelled for the 27th. My morning was not so hot! Of course, we don’t want to put the embabies in a shitty womb-home, but man, it is frustrating and so disappointing to continue waiting. It would be nice if my body would just cooperate in a timely manner.

So, all meds stopped and back on birth control….



**No, I won’t be sticking with the song title named blog posts.😉**

3 thoughts on “Every day is a winding road…

  1. UGH I’m so sorry!!! It’s so hard when the finish line keeps getting pushed back further. Did they talk about what they’ll do differently next time to plump her up??? Obviously your uterine lining is a her….


  2. One of my favorite shows uses that song for its intro… Home Town

    But winding roads, U-turns, missed signs, empty tanks… the snags and detours are challenging. My dearest, you have my heart.


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