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Thick AF: for Alcohol pads and uterine linings only

First of all, to define AF for my older readers: it means “as fuck” or a superlative to add to any adjective. (Ex. Cool af = cool as fuck = super, duper cool.)

I’ve been known to be called “thick” in my lifetime. Not meant as a pejorative, simply something to indicate my size. There was a seminal time at a gas station where I was referred to as “thicka than a snicka,” which had a long lasting psychological effect, but I digress. It’s not an adjective I love, nor do I love my body being described (bottom heavy says my medical records).

So, tomorrow I go to check my lining and I’m desperately hoping that it’s thick! We shall see if we are on the right track toward a 3/27 transfer. I’ve had some interesting things occur down under so hopefully they are not interfering with the sweet transfer of my bebes.

Giving myself shots each evening is thrilling, but what really makes it luxurious is when I get to use the “thick” alcohol prep pads. Normal just doesn’t cut it when you’ve had the thick – so soft and pillowy, it makes an injection feel like it’s plummeting through a cloud! 😉

So, thick uterine linings and alcohol prep pads are what I hope to dream of tonight. Not like last night where I gave birth to six puppies and my husband convinced me if we raised them right they would turn into humans….

All my love.


4 thoughts on “Thick AF: for Alcohol pads and uterine linings only

  1. 😂😂😂😂! Dead, so happy I was with you the day that descriptive phrase entered our lives! Love you and all your thic ness…..Yancy TP


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